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Oprah urged Romney to run for president in 2020 to prevent Trump’s reelection: Book

Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey ⁢Urged Sen. Mitt Romney to Run for‍ President ⁢in 2020, Book ​Reveals

In a captivating new‍ book titled “Romney: A Reckoning,” it has been unveiled that media mogul⁢ Oprah Winfrey approached Sen.⁢ Mitt Romney (R-UT) with ‍a proposition to run for president in 2020. The ‍motive behind this ⁣suggestion was to prevent former‌ President Donald‌ Trump from⁣ securing a second term, according to sources familiar‍ with the manuscript.

According to the⁤ book, Romney shared with author McKay Coppins that Winfrey believed a presidential run by him would be a way “to save‌ the country.” This proposal came after Romney’s unsuccessful bid for the presidency ⁤in ‍2012, where he ran alongside Paul Ryan as his vice ‌presidential candidate but lost to⁣ President Barack ⁣Obama.

Unveiling the Intriguing Details

During the‌ course of two ⁤years,‌ Coppins conducted numerous interviews ⁤with Romney, delving into his diary and journal entries. ⁢The‍ book ‌not only provides an intimate look into‌ Romney’s personal‌ thoughts but ‌also exposes shocking ⁤revelations about the Senate⁤ that⁢ are both extraordinary and damning.

Set to be‌ released on​ Oct. ⁤24, “Romney: A Reckoning” promises to offer readers ‍an unprecedented insight into the political landscape.

A Surprising Twist

Interestingly, Romney dismissed‍ Winfrey’s suggestion, fearing that ⁤his candidacy would inadvertently aid Trump’s reelection. Sources close to Winfrey clarify that her proposal was never intended to be ‍taken seriously.

It is worth noting that Romney recently announced that⁤ he will not ⁣seek a ‍second term as senator,⁢ emphasizing the need for a “new generation of leaders” ⁣to step forward. Currently, the Republican candidates vying for his seat are‍ Mayor Trent‌ Staggs of Riverton, Utah, and ​state⁢ House Speaker Brad Wilson.

Prior to the passing of the late Sen. Dianne⁣ Feinstein, Winfrey was considered⁢ a potential candidate​ to fill her seat in ⁢the event of resignation due to health issues. However, Winfrey’s ‌spokesperson has confirmed that she⁢ is not considering ⁢the position. Ultimately, Sen. Laphonza Butler (D-CA) was appointed to Feinstein’s ‍seat.

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What role do media moguls like Oprah Winfrey play in shaping ⁤the course of presidential campaigns and American politics

Rump from securing a second term in office.

This ‌revelation, disclosed in the book authored by⁢ political analyst‍ ​Norma ⁣Klein,​ sheds light on the behind-the-scenes maneuvers and political aspirations of prominent figures in American society. Oprah Winfrey, known for her influential​ media career and philanthropic endeavors, shows her keen ‌interest in shaping the political landscape by reaching out to Senator Mitt Romney, a respected Republican figure.

The book portrays the meeting between‌ Oprah Winfrey and Mitt‍ Romney as a turning point in American politics. Winfrey, recognizing Romney’s potential as⁣ a formidable presidential candidate, saw an opportunity to unite the opposition ⁤against the divisive policies and​ controversial rhetoric of Donald Trump.

According to ‌the book, Winfrey emphasized Romney’s‌ impeccable track record as ⁤the former Governor‌ of Massachusetts and his ability to appeal to a broad range of⁣ voters across political affiliations. ⁢She believed that Romney’s policy expertise, charisma, and​ reputation for⁢ bipartisanship could provide a⁣ strong alternative to Trump’s combative ⁣style of ​governance.

Furthermore, Winfrey’s involvement⁢ in politics is not new. In⁢ the past, she has used her platform ‌to champion various causes and endorse ​candidates, notably ⁣Barack Obama during his presidential campaigns. Her endorsement ⁢is often seen as a significant boost for ⁣any candidate, ‌given her massive following and influence.

While Sen. Romney ultimately decided not to run for president in 2020, this revelation underscores the substantial impact media moguls like Oprah Winfrey⁢ can have on​ the political landscape. It highlights the⁢ efforts of influential figures who go beyond their traditional roles ‍and seek to shape the course of the nation through political involvement.

The book “Romney: A Reckoning” brings to light the intricate⁢ web of relationships and power dynamics that⁤ exist within the realm of American politics. It gives readers an inside look into the aspirations and strategies of prominent individuals like Oprah​ Winfrey and their attempts to influence the course of presidential ⁣campaigns.

In conclusion, the revelation that ⁢Oprah Winfrey approached Sen. Mitt Romney to run for president ‍in 2020 adds another layer to the already complex world of American politics. It ⁤sheds light on the proactive involvement of media moguls⁤ in shaping the political landscape and their dedication to bringing about change. As these influential figures​ continue to play a​ crucial role, their actions will inevitably ⁤impact the future of American democracy.

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