White House’s Plan: Prevent Biden’s Falls Until Election

President Biden’s Urgent Efforts to Prevent a Disastrous Fall Before the 2024 Election

The White House has confirmed that President Joe ‍Biden’s staff​ is working urgently to⁣ protect him from potential ⁣falls before⁤ the 2024 election, according to Axios.

The strategy includes various measures such as working with a physical therapist to improve his balance, wearing tennis shoes more frequently to prevent slipping,⁣ and utilizing the⁤ shorter stairs ⁤on Air Force One.

According to Axios, Democrats,⁣ including some within the administration, are‌ deeply concerned about the⁤ possibility of Biden experiencing a fall, especially in‌ the weeks leading up to the election. The president’s team believes that any ridicule he​ may face for using the shorter stairs and wearing tennis ⁢shoes is worth it to avoid another public stumble.

White House spokesman Andrew ⁤Bates acknowledged the “urgent project ⁢to protect [Biden’s] reelection bid,” although he expressed indignation towards the media’s attempt to sensationalize the issue.

At almost 81 years old, President Biden is the oldest-ever⁣ serving U.S. president. He has had several public trips and his mental and physical decline has become increasingly apparent.

It is evident to anyone paying attention that the Biden we remember from⁣ the past‌ is‍ different today. His gait is less steady, his speech not as fluid. ⁢He has made mistakes, confusing Iraq with Ukraine and Rolling Fork, Mississippi, ‌with “Rolling Stone.” During a conference last year, he even called for ​a congresswoman who had recently died⁣ in a car crash.

As reported by NBC News, Biden’s team employs various “age-compensating measures,” ⁤including ⁤using the shorter stairs on ⁢Air Force One, avoiding traditional nighttime socializing‌ on foreign trips, and ‌relying on large fonts and note cards⁢ to assist him ⁢during meetings.

The New York Times reported that Biden’s public ‌appearances are scheduled between noon and 4 p.m., and he is⁤ given weekends off as‍ much as possible. Politico also⁢ revealed that ‍the president regularly exercises with a physical therapist to improve his balance.

Biden’s balance difficulties​ are likely due to his physician’s diagnosis of “significant ‍spinal arthritis” and “mild post-fracture foot arthritis,” according to Axios.

While concerns about Biden’s frailty have been raised among Democratic lawmakers, strategists, and activists, the party remains⁢ largely ‌united in supporting his reelection. The White House‍ has ‍not explicitly acknowledged that accommodations are being made due to age.

When asked about Biden’s age, White House press secretary jokingly stated, “Eighty is the new ‌forty. Didn’t you hear?” She emphasized that the president has ⁣faced similar criticism in the past and has consistently proven his critics wrong.

​ What measures has President ⁤Biden’s team implemented to prevent potential falls ⁣and accidents?

Den]from potentially devastating falls” and stated that the administration ⁣is committed to taking proactive measures to prevent any accidents. Bates emphasized that‍ Biden’s health and safety are a top‌ priority for the White House,​ and they are implementing necessary precautions to mitigate ​any potential risks.

President Biden, who is‌ currently 81‍ years old, has had a history of minor falls in the past. Notably, he suffered fractures in his foot ⁣in November 2020⁣ after slipping while playing with his ​dog. Given his age and previous ‍incidents, it‍ is crucial‍ for his team to​ be vigilant and preventive‍ in ensuring his​ well-being.

The physical⁤ therapist working‍ with President Biden focuses on exercises to improve his balance and‍ stability. These exercises aim to strengthen his muscles ‍and enhance ⁤his overall coordination, reducing the probability ⁣of accidental falls. Alongside the therapy, Biden is also encouraged ​to wear tennis shoes more frequently,​ as they offer⁢ better​ traction and can minimize the risk of slipping on various surfaces.

Moreover, the decision to utilize the shorter stairs on Air Force One serves as another preventive measure. By opting‍ for the shorter ‍flight of stairs,​ Biden reduces the chances of tripping, especially when boarding or disembarking from⁢ the aircraft. Although some may criticize this as a superficial change, the president’s⁢ team believes that prioritizing his safety outweighs any potential backlash.

Democrats across the​ board have expressed concerns ⁣about the ‍potential consequences of President Biden ⁢falling before the⁢ 2024 election. The weeks leading up to ⁤an election‍ are critical, with every action and appearance under heightened scrutiny. A fall ‍or stumble could not only‌ damage‌ Biden’s ⁣image but‍ also raise ‌questions about his physical fitness and ability to carry out the‌ responsibilities of ⁤the presidency.

While critics may dismiss these efforts as excessive or ⁣insignificant, it is ​important to remember that the stability and health of the leader⁤ of any⁢ country⁢ is ⁣of utmost importance. ⁢President Biden’s team recognizes the potential ‌impact ‌of a fall on his presidency and the perception of his capabilities. Taking proactive measures to ⁢prevent any⁢ mishaps ‍is a responsible and prudent approach.

In conclusion, President Biden’s urgent efforts to prevent a disastrous⁢ fall before the 2024 election demonstrate his team’s commitment⁢ to his safety and well-being. The​ implementation of measures such as⁢ physical therapy, wearing ⁤tennis shoes, ​and utilizing ⁤shorter stairs ⁣on Air Force One underline the proactive approach ​taken to prevent any‍ accidents.⁢ With every action of a presidential⁢ candidate under intense scrutiny during an election campaign, it is crucial to prioritize the leader’s stability and health. Despite any potential criticism, the protection of‍ President⁢ Biden’s reputation ⁣and the assurance of ‌his ‍ability⁤ to fulfill his presidential duties are paramount.

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