Op-Ed: Elites Use Lies in Information War – Simple Solution Needed.

Don’t Believe the Lies: Fighting Back Against Political and Corporate Deception

Every time you turn on your TV or radio, you’re bombarded with lies from our political and corporate establishment. And it’s not just spin anymore. We’re talking about intentional, harmful lies that are being spread by an elite media that has become a breeding ground for falsehood.

But we can fight back. We can start by calling out the most blatant lie at the core of the current White House’s agenda: climate change. While the weather changes naturally, there’s no evidence that humanity’s actions have much influence on it. And yet progressives continue to push an idea that their own leadership admits is a lie.

But that’s not the only lie being spread by the ruling class. They’re also pushing the trans agenda, denying the biological fact that there are only two sexes, male and female. And they’re still clinging to the Russiagate conspiracy theory, even after senior figures from the Obama administration testified under oath that they’d seen no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

So how do we fight back? First, turn off your TV and listen to those you trust. Recalibrate your truth detector by speaking with friends and family. Read Scripture and find your certain foothold in reality.

Here are some more ways to fight back:

  • Speak the truth and call out the liars.
  • Write to your congressmen and senators.
  • Sing our national anthem louder.
  • Say our pledge of allegiance with more conviction.

They can’t win an information war when all they have is lies, and We the People own the truth.

“In the Beltway Liars Hall of Fame, there’s an entire Russiagate wing, with Rep. Adam Schiff still promising he has more than circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.”

It’s time to take a stand against the lies and deception being spread by our political and corporate elites. Let’s fight back with the truth.

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