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2024 hinges on one thing: my full support for Ron DeSantis.

Why Ron DeSantis is the Only Republican Who Can Beat Biden in 2024

As we approach the 2024 election, it’s important to face some cold, hard truths:

  1. Donald Trump’s appeal is limited to a very narrow base and cannot win over voters outside of that base.
  2. Ron DeSantis is the strongest Republican candidate and the only one who can beat Joe Biden in a general election.
  3. Democrats and their media allies are so afraid of DeSantis’ popularity that they are resorting to nasty hit pieces and other tactics to try to bring him down.
  4. Republicans need to unite behind DeSantis and focus on winning the election.

“Two have a chance to get elected president — Biden and me.” – Ron DeSantis

According to extensive observational data across three separate trackers and over 19 million Americans, Trump’s support is loud but limited to a slowly shrinking core audience. DeSantis, on the other hand, can succeed where Trump will fail and win over the entire electorate.

Why DeSantis is the Present and Future of the Republican Party

Ready for Ron, a grassroots movement dedicated to electing DeSantis, has spent the last year building support through TV ads, mailings, and online connections. With over 250,000 grassroots petition signers, the movement has a strong foundation to build on.

While TV ads may seem like the obvious choice for campaigning, the real work of winning the election will be done on the ground. Knocking on doors and rallying support for DeSantis may not be as glamorous as producing another TV ad, but it’s the most impactful way to win the election.

Win the grassroots game, and Republicans will nominate Ron DeSantis to take down Biden. Lose on the ground, and another winnable election will slip away — at America’s expense.

It’s time for Republicans to accept the truth and unite behind Ron DeSantis. He is the present and future of the Republican Party, and the only candidate who can beat Joe Biden in 2024.

Don’t let America down. Vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024.

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