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Forcing EVs on Americans won’t ensure power supply.

Why Forcing Electric Vehicles on Americans Won’t Keep the Lights On

Imagine a world where we could overcome all the challenges that come with electric vehicles. We could find replacements for all the rare minerals needed to power EV batteries, and we could even mine them in the U.S. or the Western Hemisphere. We could also advance charging technology to make it faster and more efficient, without putting a strain on the electrical grid.

But let’s be honest, we’re dreaming. The reality is that our grids are subject to disruption during significant weather events, and smaller EU nations like the Netherlands are already demonstrating the limits of over-burdened power grids due to electrification mandates.

The Problem with Green Policies

The truth is, the American people never cried out for EVs. Therefore, the markets never responded. Top-down government regulation of the markets will always and forever be out of steam, out of gas, and just one more big ugly dead battery in the junkyard of failed policies.

In a free society where the government is the handmaiden of the people, not their master, the people’s will powers the engine of the market. The fuel for the advancement of products and services is supply and demand.

A Better Solution

Instead of forcing electric vehicles on Americans, we need to focus on a vibrant, self-reliant energy matrix replete with existing infrastructure and a superabundance of natural resources. We need to prioritize the most vulnerable among us and ensure that our energy policies are sustainable and affordable.

Let’s reimagine our energy future with policies that are driven by the people, not by government mandates. We can do better, and for the sake of our energy independence and national security, we must.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forcing electric vehicles on Americans won’t solve our energy problems.
  • Green policies start on the wrong track and are unsustainable.
  • We need to focus on a self-reliant energy matrix with existing infrastructure and natural resources.
  • Our energy policies should be driven by the people, not government mandates.

Let’s prioritize the needs of the American people and work towards a sustainable energy future that benefits us all.

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