2023: OnlyFans Star and Hollywood Daughter Claims Breast Implants Will Rescue Her from Vaping

Only in 2023: OnlyFans Star, Hollywood Daughter Says Breast Implants Will ‘Save My Life’ From Vaping

One of ‍my least​ favorite colloquialisms — perhaps coming in⁣ second after the idiotically‌ tautological “it is what it is” — is the millennial phrase “we live in⁣ the worst⁤ possible timeline.”

Every time⁤ some story ​comes⁣ up that demonstrates humanity is being ⁣unusually witless these days ​— say, hypothetically, scientists using government grant money to teach cats to use Instagram, or a survey that shows 34 percent of Wisconsinites believe Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the starting quarterback for ​the Green ​Bay ⁢Packers under Vince Lombardi — one⁢ of your sarcastic friends‍ who thinks they’re considerably smarter than they really are will post a link to the offending information along ⁤with the caption, “we live in the worst possible timeline.”

I’ve still ‍never used ⁤the phrase in earnest, I must admit. However, I was sorely​ tempted to after I found out that ⁣Charlie Sheen’s daughter, a star on adult-oriented ⁢subscription-only content service OnlyFans, told her votaries on social media that she believes breast augmentation will “save my life” because it will force her to quit vaping — and asked her TikTok followers ⁢for suggestions⁤ on getting off the vape.

According to Fox News, Sami Sheen,‍ 19, is the daughter ‍of Sheen and Denise Richards, the second of three women that the “Wall Street” and “Two‍ and a ‌Half Men”⁣ star was married to and subsequently divorced from. (As an aside, I was somewhat surprised the number was that low.)

In an F-bomb-laden TikTok video posted Tuesday, Sami said that she had been addicted to vaping nicotine⁤ for five years and that,​ in order to get a “boob job,” she had ‍to be free of the drug for a month.

“Basically, ‌I‌ have been vaping for five years now. I’ve been addicted to nicotine for five ​f***ing years,” she said.

“I’ve tried quitting multiple times. It’s really f***ing⁤ hard. And ⁤I ordered this book called ‘How​ to Quit Vaping’ by Alan Carr. Have I started reading it? No, because I don’t want to quit.”

But now, she says, ⁣she has ‍a reason to. Not​ the best reason, but a reason ​nonetheless.

“The time has come — or I have absolutely no choice and⁢ I have to quit soon: I’m getting a boob job in two months and I⁤ have to be nicotine-free for a month before,” she said.

“I ⁢have not gone a single day in the ⁤past five ⁢years without this m**********r. ​I think me⁣ getting my boobs done is‌ honestly going to save ‍my ​life because it’s forcing me to quit this,” she said. “So, at least we have that.”

She went on to say that ⁤videos, fidget ⁢devices, candies and⁤ other methods of quitting hadn’t ‌worked — but seemed confident breast augmentation would do the trick, ⁤apparently. Still, she was ‌nervous.

“I’m so scared, and I ⁢don’t know how I’m going to live without⁢ this thing. It’s really sad. My whole life⁤ revolves around ⁣it,” she said.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

@samisheen please dont be mean #help #quitting #vaping #fyp ♬ original sound‍ – ✩⁤ sami ✩

Now, at a basic level, let me just say that my sympathies go out ‍to anyone who struggles with ⁣any form of addiction, particularly if they ​come from ‍a family with a history of it. (I don’t believe that we need to rehash Charlie Sheen’s numerous dependencies, chemical and otherwise.)

That being said, ⁤she believes she’s being saved from one form of unhealthy living … because‍ of another form of unhealthy living. And she’s seeking advice on quitting vaping through another form of unhealthy living.

I’m unfamiliar with Sheen’s‍ content on OnlyFans, which can be pornographic or simply suggestive. That being said, Fox⁤ News ‌said she self-identified as a “sex worker” on her social media accounts in June, but ​noted in the TikTok video‌ that “I am⁣ not a p-star.”

“I don’t meet up⁢ with people. I don’t film myself having sex. I don’t do that, but I also have no judgment toward ​the people who do, do that,” she said, adding she was “not comfortable” doing that.

That being said, one reasonably assumes she’s getting a breast augmentation not ⁤for reconstructive purposes but because it ⁣advances her ⁤career as a sex worker — which, in and of itself, is unhealthy.

In a systematic review of studies published in April ​by Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica and Wiley, three researchers from the University of Cordoba in Spain found that, ⁤“Mental health problems ⁣were‍ prevalent among ‌sex workers. Depression was the most common mental health problem; however, other psychological‌ problems were also high,⁢ including anxiety, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Sex‍ workers are exposed to numerous work-related risks, including violence and high-risk sexual behaviors.”

In other words, using a surgery associated with sex work to ‍eliminate an unhealthy⁢ habit ‍of nicotine‌ vaping is hardly going to save one’s life, particularly ⁤if one is going into ⁣it with the idea that plastic surgery to fit an airbrushed, pornographic ideal of femininity is health. Rather, it throws one from the frying pan into the fire.

And where is she asking for advice ​on quitting vaping so ​she can advance ⁣her career⁢ as a sex worker? TikTok, a digital ⁢dopamine machine and‌ attention-generator linked to mental health problems of its own.

Now, do I have any reason‌ to doubt Sami Sheen’s problem is real? No, of‍ course not. But the problem ​isn’t vaping — which​ is what she’s ‍been led to believe it ‌is.

Yes, vaping is a problem and linked to poor health ​outcomes. However, in 2023, we try to pretend that ⁢there are‍ no mental⁤ health externalities to sex work — and if ⁣there are, it’s just because of a prudish culture. Meanwhile, liberal tech giants continue to insist there’s ⁢nothing wrong with endlessly scrolling‌ on⁣ social⁢ media. Just keep feeding them your⁣ personal data.⁤ Really, everything is fine.

Now, I’m not going to avouch that “we’re living in‍ the worst timeline;” I’d have to believe the bubonic plague or Stalin’s USSR has⁤ this beat. However, ‌when a sex worker and ⁣child of Hollywood​ stars takes to TikTok for the ‌dual purposes of attention-getting and trying to quit what she says is her real unhealthy habit — nicotine vaping — one‍ can indeed⁣ catch a glimpse ⁣of⁣ why the phrase is so oft bandied about.

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How has Sami Sheen’s​ claim about‌ breast implants helping her quit⁤ vaping sparked attention and‍ raised concerns⁢ about the impact of vaping on young people?

N: justify;”>The story​ of Charlie Sheen’s daughter, Sami⁢ Sheen, claiming that breast ​implants will “save her life” from vaping has gained attention on social media platforms. While it may seem like an ⁤absurd claim, it raises ​concerns about the impact of ⁢vaping on young people and the need for alternative methods of‍ addiction recovery.

Sami Sheen, who is 19 years old and gains popularity on‍ the adult-oriented subscription platform ⁢OnlyFans, shared her journey to quit vaping on‍ TikTok. In a video filled with expletives, she ‍revealed her ‍addiction ⁢to nicotine⁣ for the past ‌five‌ years and her struggle⁣ to‌ quit. However, Sami stated that ‍the desire to undergo breast augmentation surgery has ‌given her a reason to finally quit vaping.

To prepare for the surgery, Sami needs⁣ to be‍ nicotine-free for a month. This‌ requirement​ has pushed⁢ her to seriously consider quitting vaping. While her reasoning may not be the most conventional or medically sound, it illustrates the ⁣difficulty she has faced in ‌overcoming her addiction.

In⁤ the video, Sami admitted to multiple failed attempts at quitting and expressed her reluctance to start reading a ‍book about quitting vaping, implying that deep down, ‌she doesn’t⁣ want to quit. However, the prospect of getting breast implants has ⁢brought her⁢ face-to-face with the reality of​ quitting vaping.

Sami’s case highlights the struggles many young people face when ⁤trying to overcome​ addiction. Vaping, particularly‍ among teenagers and young adults, has ⁤become a widespread issue, with detrimental ​health consequences. The addictive⁤ nature of nicotine and the‍ allure of flavored e-cigarettes make it challenging to ⁣quit, even in the face of health risks.

While Sami’s motivation to quit vaping may not align‌ with traditional methods of⁣ addiction recovery, it ​sheds light on the need​ for alternative approaches. Addiction‍ recovery is‌ a complex ‌and individualized process, and what works for one person ⁣may not work for​ another. Sami’s belief that breast implants will help her quit vaping emphasizes the‍ importance of finding personal motivation in overcoming addiction.

It is essential⁢ for society ⁣to provide support and resources to individuals⁣ struggling with addiction, regardless of their unconventional ‍motivations⁣ for recovery. Rather than dismissing Sami’s claims, it is important to‍ recognize that addiction is a ⁢multifaceted issue that requires compassion and understanding.

However, it is crucial to note that quitting vaping should be approached with caution. Professional ⁤guidance and medical ‌advice are necessary to ensure a safe and successful recovery. Relying solely⁤ on breast augmentation or ‍any other unconventional method to quit vaping may not‌ be advisable or effective for everyone.

In conclusion, Sami Sheen’s claim that breast implants will “save her life” from vaping has sparked both curiosity and concern. While her reasoning may seem unconventional, it reflects ⁣the challenges individuals ⁢face when trying to overcome addiction. It‌ reminds us of the ‍importance of understanding addiction ‌as a complex ⁢issue and offering support to those in ‍need. Ultimately, the focus should be on providing‌ resources and promoting safe and effective ⁤methods of addiction recovery.

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