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Oklahoma superintendent claims Biden aims to create ‘social justice warriors’ among students.

Oklahoma Superintendent Accuses⁢ Biden Administration of Hindering⁣ Education Success

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner, ‌Ryan Walters, the elected‍ head of Oklahoma schools, boldly accuses the Biden administration of ​stifling education success and pushing liberal⁤ propaganda.

Championing Conservative​ Education Policies

First elected to his ⁢position last year, Walters, a former history teacher, ⁤has been making waves in Oklahoma by steering education policy in a decidedly conservative direction. Under his leadership, the state​ Department ​of Education has⁢ approved⁤ a⁣ charter ⁣school application from a local⁣ Catholic diocese and incorporated curriculum ​content from PragerU into Oklahoma’s schools.

“You’ve got a bureaucracy [at the Department of Education] that’s so far out of control, ⁢spun up‌ into a left-wing mission, ⁣that they have tremendously hindered our ‍states from really taking back education and owning ⁢it,” Walters ⁣passionately ⁢expressed.

Pressure to Conform to Progressive Policies

Walters explained ⁢that state education departments‍ often feel​ at⁢ the mercy ​of the federal department, which provides funds through grants‍ but then uses ‍letters ​to pressure states into⁣ enacting‍ certain ‍programs, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

According to Walters, the federal department even required states applying for ‌a math grant to ⁢explain how they would use​ the grant‍ to ⁣advance ⁤DEI. “This⁣ doesn’t make any sense to us,” Walters exclaimed. “Instead ⁣of‍ us​ focusing on math, we’ve got to focus⁢ on how our math programs meet these levers of diversity, equity, inclusion. It’s absurd.”

Pushing an Ideology and Creating Social ⁢Justice Warriors

Walters criticized the Biden Department of Education for continuously⁣ pushing⁤ an ideology that aims to ‍”create little social justice warriors.” He believes ‌that the administration‍ wants to revolutionize⁣ the education system by instilling its own cultural values, just as ‍it has done with the media and pop culture.

Hamstringing ⁢Discipline Policies

Furthermore,‍ Walters accused the ​department of hamstringing schools from implementing ⁢effective discipline policies, ⁣which he believes leads to⁤ disorder in ‍the classroom. He emphasized ​the⁣ importance of bringing order back to both the classroom and society, ⁤starting ⁤with‌ teaching children ⁤responsibility for their⁢ actions.

Continuing the Fight

Despite the antagonistic relationship with the federal department, Walters vowed that states like Oklahoma will continue ⁣to fight‍ against the ⁤administration’s policies. “We’re gonna fight‌ the Biden administration‌ every step of the way,” ‍Walters ​declared. “We’re not going to let the federal government slow ​us⁤ down on this.”

The Washington Examiner reached out to the Department of Education⁤ for comment.

What⁤ specific‌ criticisms does Ryan Walters have about the Biden‍ administration’s approach to education?

Ation and creating success,” Walters told the Washington Examiner. He‌ believes that ‌conservative principles, such as ​promoting school choice⁤ and teaching traditional values,‍ are key to improving education in Oklahoma.

Walters argues that the Biden administration’s approach to education ‌is diametrically opposed to ​​Oklahoma’s conservative values. He accuses them ⁣of pushing liberal⁤ propaganda and prioritizing political correctness over academic excellence. According to⁣ him, this approach only serves to hinder ⁢the success of Oklahoma’s education ⁤system.

One of the main issues Walters raises ‍is the lack of support for school choice. He believes that parents ​should have the freedom to ‍choose the best educational options for their children. However, he ‍claims that the Biden administration, through policies‍ like opposing⁢ voucher ‌programs and charter schools, is inhibiting parents from making these ⁤choices.⁡‍

Walters ⁢also expresses his dissatisfaction with what he sees as the Biden administration’s interference in the⁤ curriculum.⁣ He believes that the ​federal ​government should have⁤ a ⁤limited role in dictating‍ what is taught in schools, allowing local communities to determine their own​ curriculum.⁣ By incorporating content from ⁤PragerU, a conservative educational platform, into Oklahoma’s⁢ schools, Walters hopes to counter what he sees as a left-wing bias in education.

While Walters‌ acknowledges the importance of diversity‍ and inclusivity in education, he⁢ argues that it should not come at the expense of academic ‍rigor. He believes ​that standards should⁤ be maintained, and⁤ students should be challenged to reach their full potential. Walters worries that the current ⁢emphasis on political correctness might lead to‌ a decline in educational standards.

Walters‌ is not ‌alone‍ in his criticism of ⁤the Biden administration’s approach to education. Many conservatives across‍ the⁣ country ⁣share his concerns. They argue that education should be a neutral ground ‌for students to ⁤develop critical thinking skills and⁢ gather knowledge, free​ from political bias.

In conclusion, Ryan Walters, the elected‍ head​ of Oklahoma​ schools, accuses the‍ Biden ⁣administration of hindering⁣⁢ education success‍ in ‌the state. Through championing ⁢conservative​ education ⁣policies, ​Walters hopes to empower parents and ensure that Oklahoma’s education system aligns ‌with the state’s conservative values. ‍While there is ‌ongoing debate about the role of politics in education,​ it ‍is clear that Walters is determined to steer ‍Oklahoma’s education in a conservative direction and create an ​environment where academic‌ excellence prevails.

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