OK Police rush to aid distressed goat.

Police Respond to Cries for Help, Find Distressed Goat Instead

Rural Oklahoma

Police in rural Oklahoma received a call for help, but what they found was not what they expected. Two officers arrived on the scene to hear what sounded like cries for help. They quickly rushed to the source of the sound, only to find a distressed goat who had been separated from his friends.

Bodycam Footage

The Enid Police Department shared bodycam footage of the incident on their Facebook page. The video shows one of the officers walking along a trail, listening to the sound. “I think that’s a person,” one of the officers says. “That’s a person,” the officer repeats. In the distance, a sound which appears to be someone shouting can be heard; the officers run toward the sound. “It’s a goat,” the officer in front says. The two officers run through some trees and come upon the farm, where the goat can be heard bleating discontentedly, in a way that sounds like “help.” “Aww, it is,” the officer laughs.

Unnecessary Response

The Facebook post thanked the two officers for acting swiftly, even if unnecessary in the end. “All in all, you really can’t say it was that baaad of a call,” it said.

California Lawsuit

This is not the first time a goat has caused a stir. In California, a mom is suing officials from the Shasta County District Fair after law enforcement officials seized a goat that belonged to her daughter. The goat was auctioned off and set to be slaughtered, but the mom kidnapped the goat during the fair, forcing officials to obtain a search warrant to get it back.

The lawsuit alleges that officials improperly used their authority and connections and wasted police resources by pressing criminal charges instead of handling the matter civilly.

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