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Republican senator from Ohio wants to make restitution for the ancestors of pale Union Civil War troops.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno suggested this week that white Americans should receive reparations if they are descendants of northern Civil War soldiers who died during the four-year conflict.

In a Tuesday campaign rally where he declared his candidacy to unseat Sen. Sherrod Brown( D – OH ), Moreno— a far-right Republican who has aligned himself with former President Donald Trump — made the remarks. Moreno praised the work of historical” companies” like John Adams and James Madison as he reflected on historical events in the United States, such as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.


” That this group of individuals conquered the biggest empire in human evolution.” They retorted,” We won’t put up with this.” and triumphed ,” Moreno said. Afterwards, the same group of white people perished in order to completely black people. It has never occurred recently in human evolution, but it did so in America.

Moreno challenged critics to mark another” nation that did that: that freed slaves ,” citing the Civil War as proof that the United States is not essentially racist.

You know, they talk about making amends, Moreno remarked. Where are the compensation for those who sacrificed their lives to save dark people’s’s life in the North?

Brown, who is regarded as one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the 2024 period, is being challenged by Moreno, the next Republican to enter the race. The business initially ran for the Ohio Senate last year, but he later decided against it in favor of Trump-backed J. D. Vance.

In a speech to the Washington Examiner, Moreno defended his remarks.

The crocodile tears from the left reveal the Democrat hypocrisy Bernie was referring to in the time, according to a battle director.” Bernie was correct when he said political accuracy is killing our nation.” Given that they have been involved in the identity politics ruse for years, it is not surprising that the liberal media missed his position.

Before making his official statement earlier this morning, Trump praised Moreno’s’s election and described him as a” really respected business from the GREAT STATE of OHIO” who” would not be easy to hit.”


In the 2024 vote period, 34 Senate seats are up for grabs overall. Democrats may justify 23 of those, compared to simply 11 for Republicans. Republicans were in a good position to retake some crucial Senate seats in the current situation, which could easily change the upper chamber’s’s power dynamics.

Only Ohio, Arizona, and West Virginia are among the three reports that are rated as toss-ups. Republicans may have a chance to retake the dynamic stand as they try to take over the Senate in 2024.

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