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New term for ‘vagina’ introduced to support trans patients without them.

In a Move That is Quickly Angering Women, a Cervical Cancer Charity Coins an “Alternative Word” for Vagina

In a move that is quickly angering swaths of (real) women across social media, yet another distinctly female trait is being co-opted for people who distinctly lack those female traits.

This time around, a U.K. cervical cancer charity, “Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust,” has fallen under a searing cultural microscope for coining an “alternative word” for vagina — “bonus hole.”

Yes, that positively pornographic-sounding name was bandied by a very real charity in the name of social equity. They did this back in 2020, but given the current cultural climate, it’s easy to see why the tweet went viral again in 2023.

The charity was quickly called out on Twitter:

“Using the correct language when referring to someone’s gender identity is a simple and effective way to demonstrate support and recognition,” the charity noted. “If incorrect language is used without being corrected, it can cause someone to feel hurt or distressed. This may lead them to leave and to eventually seek support elsewhere.”

Unsurprisingly, given the fierce backlash it quickly garnered, the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust quickly took the page down.

Much to their chagrin, internet archives exist and so, too, does documented evidence that Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust did, in fact, push for the rather vulgar “bonus hole” term as an alternative to “vagina.”

Shockingly, the inanity doesn’t end there, as Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust offered yet another term to use in place of “vagina,” and yes, it’s another “hole.”

“Front hole” was offered as yet another alternative for “vagina.”

While most of the responses to the above tweet were negative reactions, the most astute remark came from Valiant News editor-in-chief Tom Pappert.

“Females really went from ‘women’ to ‘birthing people‘ to ‘bonus holes’ in the span of 5 years,” Pappert tweeted, forgetting that breastfeeding has also been co-opted by men in recent years.

A quick glance at the other comments under the above tweets show an overwhelming amount of exhaustion, backlash and critique of these terms that are effectively replacing much of what makes a woman unique.

The palpable frustration is understandable, given the very things that Papper mentioned.

“Bonus holes” is a vulgar and demeaning replacement for a woman’s body part, but that terminology does fall in line with the general shift toward the erasure of women, as observed with the “birthing people” term that first gained mainstream popularity with Democrats in 2021.

Back in 2021, Democrats actually attached the terms “pregnant,” “postpartum” and “lactating” individuals to a $3.5 trillion spending package that was ostensibly meant to help mothers.

Curiously, given the general cultural backlash attached to the farthest-left excesses of the LGBT movement, it will be fascinating to see how much Democrats keep this rhetoric going as they head into a crucial 2024 general election — and it will also be fascinating to see whether Republicans will call them out on it.

If Democrats are paying any attention to the backlash that Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is now experiencing, they may want to re-think that game plan.

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