LAPD Officer and Another Person Killed in Northridge Crash

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OAN’s Stephanie Stahl
3:58 PM – Sunday, November 5, 2023

An off-duty Los ⁤Angeles police‌ officer was tragically killed in a ⁤devastating crash in Northridge. The incident⁤ also left three others injured, including an off-duty San Bernardino County sheriff’s‌ deputy.


The collision occurred at the intersection of West⁣ Roscoe Boulevard and ⁢Lindley Avenue around 1:15 ​a.m., resulting in significant damage to a black BMW sedan that became wedged⁣ between ​a ​tree and an ⁤apartment building.

LAPD Chief Michel⁤ Moore ‌announced the tragic loss of Officer Darrell Cunningham Shamily, known ⁤as Officer Cunningham, during a press conference. ‍Officer Cunningham had served the ‍department ‍for nearly five years. Prior to the conference, an American flag‌ was displayed at the scene ⁢to honor the fallen officer.

Cunningham, along with two friends traveling in a white Infiniti, were⁢ struck by the speeding ​BMW ​driven by Brian David Olivarez,⁣ who reached ‍speeds of up to ‍100 mph and ran a red light.

Tragically,⁣ both Cunningham⁢ and the ​front-seat passenger in the Infiniti lost their lives ⁢at the scene. The BMW driver and one‌ of⁤ his passengers were ⁤transported⁤ to the ⁤hospital in serious condition.

Preliminary investigations ‌suggest that Olivarez was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision, and​ he will face charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter, as‍ more evidence is gathered.

Chief​ Moore praised Officer Cunningham’s dedication, describing him ​as hardworking,​ honest, and a valuable team⁢ player. Cunningham⁢ leaves behind a fiancée ⁤and two young sons, aged 6 ⁤and 3.

A solemn procession honored the fallen officer as​ his​ and the other​ victim’s bodies were⁣ escorted to the medical examiner’s office in Boyle⁣ Heights.

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⁤ In⁣ what‍ ways‍ can communities provide support and resources to the families of fallen officers, particularly during their⁣ time of​ loss and ⁢grief

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This tragic incident serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers that⁤ law enforcement officers face every ⁢day,‌ both while on duty and off duty. ‌Officer ⁤Cunningham dedicated his‍ life to protecting‌ and serving⁢ the community, and his loss‍ is felt deeply ⁢by‌ his colleagues‌ and the ‍entire Los Angeles Police Department.

Driving under the influence‌ is a‌ serious offense that can have devastating consequences,‌ as it did in this case. It not ​only endangers the lives ⁣of the individuals involved but also puts innocent⁤ bystanders at risk.⁢ It is imperative that​ we all take responsibility for our⁣ actions and‌ make the choice to never ‌drive ‌under ⁢the influence of alcohol ⁤or any other substance.

The Los ​Angeles ‍Police Department will continue to investigate this ‍incident thoroughly ‌and work with the district⁢ attorney’s office to ensure that ⁢justice is served. The community⁢ has also rallied together⁢ to ‌support Officer Cunningham’s family during this difficult​ time, ⁤showcasing ⁤the solidarity and strength of the city.

We must remember Officer Cunningham‍ as a⁣ dedicated and selfless individual ‌who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of ​duty.⁢ His actions and⁢ service to the community will not be ‌forgotten, and his‍ memory will continue to inspire and motivate those in law enforcement.

As we mourn the loss⁣ of Officer Cunningham, let us also reflect on the importance of valuing and supporting our law enforcement officers.‌ They​ put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe, ⁢and it is our duty as ‌a community to​ show our appreciation and respect for their service.

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