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California deputy killed by police while off-duty on golf course.

Off-Duty Deputy Fatally Shot by Police at​ Golf⁢ Course

An‌ off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy was ‌tragically shot and killed by police at ‌a golf course‍ on Tuesday.⁤ The incident occurred after the deputy, Alejandro Diaz, allegedly started shooting‌ his gun following a ‌domestic situation.

Diaz, 45,​ left his⁢ home at about 4 p.m. Tuesday with two guns after firing one of them inside‍ his home. According to reports, Diaz had been ⁣drinking and was feeling “distraught” before ‌the shooting took place. ⁣His wife promptly called the​ police, and another concerned ‍citizen​ reported seeing a man with a gun⁣ heading to⁤ the Sierra Lakes Golf Club​ in​ Fontana.

“He ‍started shooting. Shooting up everything. Scaring ‌the golfers, shooting at police. It was bad,” witness Myesha Dowe told Fox News Los ⁤Angeles.

Upon arrival, ‍officers confronted Diaz, who immediately began shooting. In response, the police fired shots and struck ‍Diaz. ​He⁤ was quickly attended to and transported ⁤to a ⁣nearby hospital,​ but unfortunately, he ​later succumbed to his injuries. Thankfully, no police officers were harmed during the incident.

Authorities⁣ have​ not ​confirmed whether the‌ gun Diaz was armed with was his service weapon. The San ‌Bernardino County sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices⁤ are ​currently investigating⁤ the shooting, ‍with⁢ the Fontana Police Department fully cooperating.

Statement from the⁤ Los‌ Angeles County Sheriff’s Department:

The Los Angeles⁢ County Sheriff’s Department is deeply⁣ saddened to hear‍ of ​the tragic shooting incident involving our off-duty deputy who passed away yesterday. We ‍are in close communication with Fontana Police Department ​and the San​ Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as they‍ conduct their ongoing investigation. This incident is extremely difficult for the family, our personnel, and the officers involved.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to all those affected by this heartbreaking event.

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