GOP Rep seeks to remove Jamaal Bowman, known as ‘The Fire Alarm Guy,’ from Congress.

Now we’re⁢ talking!

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis‌ (R-NY)⁣ is already taking action to hold Congressman Jamaal “The Fire Alarm Guy” ‍Bowman (D-NY) accountable for⁢ his ⁣disruptive behavior at ​the Cannon House ⁤Office Building. Malliotakis is drafting a resolution to have Bowman expelled from the ⁤House of Representatives ‍after he pulled a fire alarm ahead‌ of a motion to ⁤adjourn on Saturday.

Bowman⁣ claims it was a mistake, stating that he thought ⁤pulling the alarm ⁢would open the‍ door. However, ​Malliotakis isn’t buying⁣ it. She ‌is determined to​ see Bowman ⁣expelled, as ​she believes his actions ​are unacceptable ​for a member of Congress.

Malliotakis is not alone in her efforts. Rep. Lisa McClain is also ⁣drafting a resolution to censure Bowman. The incident​ has sparked ⁤a heated debate, with Bowman’s office ⁣claiming​ it was⁢ due to confusion and rushing to vote.

Expressing‌ her frustration, Malliotakis tweeted,‍ “This ‌is the United⁣ States ‍Congress, not a New York City high school. This action warrants⁤ expulsion & I’m introducing ⁣a resolution to do just that.”


Bowman’s ‌actions have⁢ raised⁤ questions about⁣ his intelligence. As a former middle school principal, it is surprising that​ he‌ claims​ to be unaware of​ the consequences of pulling⁤ a fire alarm. ⁤It seems more likely that he underestimates the public’s ‌perception and believes he ‌can avoid​ any‌ consequences for his actions.

Commentator Mary Katherine Ham summed ⁤it‍ up well, ⁢stating, “He’s on camera and⁣ they don’t say it was‌ unintentional. They said​ he didn’t understand what intentionally pulling an ​alarm,‌ as he’s pictured doing, would do. Charge him.”

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What actions are Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis and Rep. Lisa McClain taking to address Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s behavior at the Cannon House Office Building?


The‌ incident at the Cannon House Office Building has ‍raised concerns about the‍ behavior and professionalism of Congressman Jamaal Bowman. Pulling a ‍fire alarm ahead of a motion to adjourn ​is not only disruptive but also undermines the integrity of the House of Representatives. Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, along with Rep. Lisa McClain, is taking strong action to address this unacceptable behavior.

Though Bowman claims it was a mistake, stating that he thought pulling the alarm would open the door, Malliotakis is not convinced. She ‍firmly believes that such actions are inexcusable for a member of Congress and is determined to see Bowman⁣ expelled. ⁢This incident has sparked a heated debate, with Bowman’s office citing confusion and rushing ⁢to vote as the cause.

Malliotakis is not alone in her efforts. ‌Rep.⁣ Lisa McClain is ‌also drafting a resolution to censure Bowman. The fact that multiple lawmakers are taking action against Bowman highlights the seriousness of‌ the incident and the need for accountability.

In expressing her frustration, Malliotakis took to Twitter, stating, “This⁤ is the United States​ Congress, not a New York City high school. This action ​warrants expulsion, and I’m introducing a resolution to do just‌ that.” Her strong stance reflects the concerns and outrage of many who believe that such behavior is unacceptable in the halls of ‌Congress.

This incident serves as a‍ reminder of the importance of‍ professionalism and respect within ⁣the⁣ political sphere. Elected officials hold‍ positions of power and influence, and​ their actions reflect not only on themselves but also on ⁣the institutions they represent. ⁢It is crucial that those in Congress conduct themselves in a manner befitting their role and responsibilities.

Furthermore, incidents like these undermine public trust in the government and the democratic process ​as a ⁤whole. The American people deserve elected ⁤officials who‍ prioritize their duties⁢ and act in the best interests of the ‌nation. Behavior that jeopardizes⁢ the‍ smooth ‍functioning of Congress and disrupts legislative proceedings⁣ must​ be swiftly and firmly addressed.

Expulsion from the House of Representatives is a severe consequence,⁢ but ‌it serves ⁤as a necessary deterrent against future acts of misconduct.​ It sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated, and those elected to represent‍ the American people⁣ must uphold ⁢the highest standards of conduct.

The resolution being drafted⁣ by Congresswoman Malliotakis​ and supported by Rep. ​McClain is an important step towards accountability. It is a ⁣reaffirmation of the principles that govern the functioning⁢ of our democracy‍ and ensures that those who fail to meet these standards face appropriate consequences.

We must continue to hold our elected officials to the highest​ standards ⁢of ethics and conduct. The actions of Congressman Bowman are unacceptable, and it is incumbent upon​ Congress to address this matter promptly and decisively. Only by taking ‌strong and swift action can we preserve the integrity of our democratic ​institutions and restore public trust in our government.

Now we’re talking! It is time to hold our elected officials accountable and ensure that their actions align with the responsibilities bestowed upon them by the American people. Expulsion may​ be a drastic measure, but⁤ it is one that reflects the seriousness ‍of the incident ⁤and⁤ upholds the values​ on which this great nation was built.

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