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With the writer’s strike over, I can now welcome back my imaginary writers.

Engaging Imaginary Writers

Before I kick off today’s show, I want⁢ to give a⁢ big shoutout to the Writers Guild of America for securing an incredible new contract. ⁣Now that the writers’ strike is over,⁣ it’s time to‍ welcome back my amazing team of imaginary writers to my imaginary writers’ room. Without them, I’ve been feeling as dull as Stephen Colbert without his writers. Speaking of which, congratulations‍ to Stephen on having his⁤ 19 real writers back, who come up with ‍such outrageous ideas like⁣ comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and herpes. If that’s not comedy, then I don’t know what is!

But let’s focus on ⁢my imaginary writers because they are truly fantastic. Allow me to introduce them to you.‌ First, we have Lola Vavoom, a talented and ambitious creative genius who crafts all the epic female sword-fighting scenes. In between her moments of steely realism,​ she ⁢gracefully wiggles her way to the snack table ‍in her spandex‍ leggings⁣ to fetch me a cup of coffee. As ⁢I sip it,⁣ she ⁣stands behind me, giving⁣ me a soothing shoulder⁢ massage and reminding⁤ me that what my wife doesn’t know won’t hurt ​her. Although, my wife’s​ lack of chair-lift skills does lead to some unfortunate tumbles down the stairs. But hey,‌ in my imagination, I get to choose the writers I want!

Next up, we have Vivek Swamymommy​ from India. ​He may not speak English, ​but his darkish skin allows us to pretend that we’ve met our quota for black ⁤writers⁣ without actually hiring any. It’s our way of striking a blow against the systemic American racism that only exists in this imaginary world. We all know that George Floyd’s tragic death was due to a fentanyl overdose while ​resisting arrest, but let’s not let facts get in the way of our imaginary narrative.

And finally, there’s Joe Stern, the neurotic little Jewish guy who meticulously rewrites all our episodes to ⁣hide the⁣ fact that our women and minority hires lack talent. After a long day of rewriting, Joe heads home to indulge in some dope and porn while passionately posting on X about how social conservatives are evil. Joe may be imaginary, but he’s the ‍closest thing to reality in our writers’ room.

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Thanks to​ the WGA, these⁣ dedicated imaginary writers now have an amazing new‍ contract. The studios have agreed not to use AI-generated scripts, as long as the writers promise to churn out repetitive and formulaic stories that defy all human experience, values, and aspirations. It’s our way of​ making it⁣ seem like AI created‌ them. Additionally, there will be a guaranteed number of writers in each room to ensure lively group conversations while​ Joe ​Stern is busy‍ writing the script. And every writer who creates a streaming ‌series with a large ⁢audience will receive a substantial bonus, which they can use to hire a lawyer to free Steven Avery, so he can continue his ⁣criminal activities.

Now,⁢ Hollywood writers can finally get back to their important work of infusing our entertainment with a radical spirit of resistance. This spirit is officially ‌approved by every major corporation, ⁣government body, intelligence ​agency,⁢ and intellectually⁤ stagnant university in the country. So, parents, rest assured that when you leave your children in front of the TV, they’ll come back confused about their sexuality. And when you go to the movies, you’ll witness ‍the incredible⁤ talent of black actors who can almost convince you they’re oppressed. Meanwhile, ⁣our tough, muscular WASP-faced heroes will conquer ‍monsters in⁣ distant galaxies while channeling the opinions of Joe Stern, who will be at home enjoying his favorite pastimes.

Yes, all across Los Angeles, ‌real writers are shedding their pajamas and putting on clean ones to get back to ​work creating an imaginary world where the values and ideas that have destroyed America somehow save it. Meanwhile, here in Nashville, our imaginary writers will ‌be crafting a real world where the values and ideas that made America⁢ great will make it great again.

Wait a minute… Make America Great ⁢Again! That’s brilliant! Guys, write ‌that down!

Andrew⁤ Klavan is the host of “The‍ Andrew Klavan Show” at The Daily Wire. He is an award-winning novelist, Hollywood screenwriter, and popular satirist. Klavan is the author of “When Christmas Comes” and “Strange Habit of Mind,” the ⁣first two ‍novels in the USA Today best-selling Cameron Winter Mystery series. The third installment, “The​ House of Love and‍ Death,” releases on October 31, 2023, and is now‍ available for pre-order.

Follow Klavan on Twitter: @andrewklavan

This excerpt is taken from ​the opening satirical monologue of “The Andrew‍ Klavan Show.”


What role do imaginary writers play in expanding the boundaries of storytelling and ‌challenging societal‍ norms?

Vities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

One might wonder why I am expressing such enthusiasm for imaginary writers. After all, isn’t the purpose of writing to present an authentic reflection ⁤of the human experience? Shouldn’t writers strive to push‌ boundaries, challenge societal norms, and⁤ present thought-provoking narratives? Well, in our imaginary world,​ the answer is a resounding no.

Engaging imaginary writers allows us to escape the confines ⁢of reality and embrace the whimsical realms of our imagination. It frees us from the⁤ pressures of political correctness, ​cultural sensitivity, and moral introspection. In this alternative universe, we can revel in the absurd and relish⁢ in the outrageous without fear of repercussions or backlash.

But this ​isn’t to say that imaginary writers lack talent or‌ depth. On the contrary, they possess an uncanny ability​ to weave fantastical tales that transport us to mystical realms, introduce us to ⁢larger-than-life characters, and explore the limits of our imagination. They have an innate understanding of the ⁤power⁤ of storytelling and the importance of captivating their audience.

In fact, it ​is their unrestricted creativity that allows them to delve into uncharted territories, defy conventional storytelling norms, and bring forth narratives that challenge our‍ preconceived notions. By engaging these imaginary writers, we open ⁤ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities, where the only limitations are the boundaries of our imagination.

Furthermore, the contract secured by the Writers Guild of America ensures that‌ these imaginary writers are recognized and valued for their contributions. It ensures ⁤that their voices⁤ are heard, their ideas are respected, and their‍ work is appreciated. It allows them to flourish and grow within a ⁤supportive community of like-minded ​individuals who share their passion for the⁣ written word.

So, here’s to the imaginary writers who breathe life into our wildest fantasies and grant us the ultimate escape from reality. They may not exist in the physical realm, but their impact is tangible, their creativity boundless, and their presence cherished. Let us ​embrace their extraordinary talents and continue to engage them in the pursuit of captivating storytelling and boundless imagination.

In conclusion, the resurgence⁣ of imaginary writers in‌ my imaginary writers’ room is a cause for celebration. It reminds us of the power⁣ of creativity, the beauty of imagination, and the importance of embracing the extraordinary. So, as I bid farewell, I encourage you ​to⁣ dive into your​ own imagination, engage your own imaginary‍ writers, and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. Happy reading, and may your imaginary worlds be ​as vibrant and captivating ‌as mine.

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