North Korea Says U.N. Has A ‘Double Standard’ Over Missile Launches

On Monday, North Korea claimed that the United Nations has a “double standard” when it comes to how the body reacts to missile launches and issued a warning relating to the topic.

North Korea has been testing its reach lately and made specific statements regarding the United States earlier this month. The regime’s commentary mostly revolved around U.S. officials traveling to Asia to meet with leaders, as well as their disapproval of the two militaries conducting routine drills.

The Daily Wire reported, “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, issued a warning to the United States as U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Asia for meetings with authorities in Japan and South Korea.” Kim Yo Jong referenced the military drills and issued a warning to the United States as diplomacy meetings were scheduled to take place.

The Daily Wire further reported”

According to reporting by The Associated Press, Kim Yo Jong’s statement was published in Pyongyang’s official Rodong Sinmun newspaper. She used the opportunity to speak out against the United States and South Korea for continuing military drills this month. The two allies began their military procedures last week. The drills are done annually and reportedly do not take place in the field and are only command post exercises or simulated by computers.

Still, Kim Yo Jong said, “(War drills) and hostility can never go with dialogue and cooperation.”

A spokesperson from South Korea’s Defense Ministry, Boo Seung-chan, said that the military work was defensive and asked for North Korea to display a more “flexible attitude” that could move the region toward peace. According to the AP, “He said the South’s military wasn’t detecting any unusual signs of military activity from the North.”

Last week, North Korea took further action and launched missiles into the ocean.

The Associated Press reports,

Last week, North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea in a defiance of U.N. resolutions that ban such launches by North Korea. The U.N. Security Council subsequently adopted a resolution to renew the mandate of U.N. experts monitoring sanctions against North Korea.

Some experts say North Korea’s missile launches, the first of their kind in a year, were aimed at applying pressure on the new U.S. government of President Joe Biden. 

Last week, at Biden’s first news conference, he spoke of North Korea, saying, “We’re consulting with our allies and partners … And there will be responses if they choose to escalate. We will respond accordingly. But I’m also prepared for some form of diplomacy, but it has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearization.”

On Monday, Senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official Jo Chol Su issued a statement about the missile launches and the U.N.’s policy that was carried by government media.

“It constitutes a denial of sovereignty and an apparent double standard that the UNSC takes issue, on the basis of the U.N. ‘resolutions’ — direct products of the U.S. hostile policy toward (North Korea),” Jo Chol Su said.

The AP reported, “Jo said it ‘doesn’t make any sense’ for the U.N. council to take issue with only North Korea’s missile launches, while not doing anything on similar weapons tests by other countries. He said such a ‘double standard will invite more serious consequence’ but didn’t elaborate.”

In a meeting on Friday of the committee that monitors sanctions and North Korea, U.N. officials said that many of the people present shared concerns over North Korea’s defiance of measures prohibiting the ballistic missile launches, per the AP. The committee includes representation from all 15 Security Council members. The diplomats said the Security Council will probably have a closed meeting on the topic of the missiles this week.

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