North Korea’s first nuclear submarine launched, says report.

North Korea Launches First “Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine” in Historic Ceremony

In⁤ a momentous‍ event attended by Kim Jong ‌Un, North Korea proudly unveiled its first “tactical nuclear attack submarine.” The news of the submarine’s ⁢launch was⁤ announced through North⁤ Korean state‌ media,​ with the Korean Central‌ News Agency declaring it as the dawn of ‌a ⁣”new era of Juche-oriented naval force,” reflecting⁣ the state ideology.

“The majestic‍ birth⁢ of the first underwater nuclear attack ‍ship… heralded the beginning of a new ⁤chapter for bolstering up the naval force of⁤ the DPRK and made clearer the steadfast will of ⁣the ⁣WPK and the government of the DPRK to further​ strengthen the⁣ state ⁤nuclear deterrence ‍both in quality⁣ and quantity and by​ leaps and bounds for regional and ​global peace and security,”

This significant development solidifies North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, which⁣ is considered their national prestige and⁢ the absolute ⁤power of the Republic. ‌It fulfills the ‍long-cherished wish of the nation, reinforcing the irreversible status of ⁣the state. Voice of Korea shared Kim’s speech during the launching ceremony, where he emphasized the symbolic power of ⁢the new nuclear attack​ submarine:

“The ​nuclear attack submarine, which has been used as a symbol of aggression ⁤against the republic for‍ the past decades, now symbolizes our threatening power to terrorize unscrupulous enemies. The fact that it is a new type of attack submarine of ‍our own that the⁤ world has never known before is truly an auspicious occasion ⁣that all our people will welcome.”

Furthermore, Kim revealed plans to convert all medium-sized submarines in North ⁤Korea’s‍ possession⁤ to ⁣the model ⁢of the new‍ nuclear tactical attack submarine. According to the Nuclear⁢ Threat⁤ Initiative, North Korea currently has 20 conventional submarines.⁤ These submarines, along ‌with the new addition, contribute to the ​country’s fleet of⁢ 83 submarines, which includes two ballistic missile submarines, ‍21 mini submarines, ​and 40 coastal ‌submarines.

With this historic launch, North Korea​ takes a significant⁢ step towards building an advanced‍ maritime power, as‍ envisioned by the Workers’ Party of Korea​ and its⁣ revolutionary and industrial warriors.

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