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NC lawmakers seek to strip Gov. Cooper of power to appoint members to Dem-majority Election Board.

North Carolina Senate Republicans Seek to Limit Governor’s Power

Exciting news from North Carolina! Senate Republicans have taken a bold step by advancing a bill that aims to shake up the state’s election board. The bill, titled “No Partisan Advantage in Election,” is causing quite a stir.

Under the proposed legislation, the power to appoint members to the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) would be transferred from Governor Roy Cooper to the Department of the Secretary of State. This move would give lawmakers, rather than the governor, the authority to make these appointments.

Currently, the NCSBE consists of five members, two of whom are Republicans. However, the bill plans to increase the number of members to eight. The board’s executive director, who presides over the five members, is also a Democrat.

New Appointing Authority

The bill outlines a new process for appointing members to the NCSBE. It designates key figures such as the president pro tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the minority leaders of both chambers as the initial appointing authorities. These appointments will be based on NCSBE voting registration statistics.

The bill states, “The state party chair of each of the two political parties having the highest number of registered affiliates shall submit a list of four nominees affiliated with that party. The General Assembly will consider these nominations, but they are not bound to appoint members solely from those lists.”

By dividing the appointing authority between majority and minority leaders, the bill aims to prevent one party from having complete control over the NCSBE and county boards. This restructuring is seen as a necessary step to address the intense political polarization that currently exists.

Ensuring Fairness in Elections

Senate Republican leader Phil Berger emphasizes the importance of this bill in restoring trust and confidence in the electoral process. “We are living in a time of intense political polarization,” Berger explains. “Having a Board of Elections controlled by one party only sows distrust in our elections. We must find a new approach to quell concerns and ensure the fairness of our elections.”

These changes have sparked a lively debate among politicians and citizens alike. It will be fascinating to see how this bill progresses and what impact it will have on future elections in North Carolina.

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