Nolte: Grammy Ratings Spiral to Another Near-Record Low

According to early ratings, the 2022 Grammy Awards spiraled to another near-record low with just 8.93 million viewers.

If that number holds, it’s less than a two-percent improvement over last year’s disastrous 8.8 million, which was a record low.

Compared to 2020, just two years ago, we are talking about something around a 50 percent dive in viewership.  In 2020, 18.7 million tuned in.

Between 2016 and 2019, Grammy Award viewership was between 25 million and 19.8 million.

To drop below 10 million is catastrophic and tells you just how much the public is disgusted and turned off by celebrity woketards who either 1) play the victim, 2) shame and lecture the rest of us, or 3) are just unlikeable assholes in general.

Watch below: 

[embedded content]

Imagine how broken the entertainment industry is when Jada Pinkett Smith is allowed to run around last week’s Oscars playing the victim over alopecia.

When rich people get it, it’s called “alopecia.” When the rest of us get, it’s called “bald spots.”

She has to shave her head like a concentration camp victim to “raise awareness” for a “disability” that affects more people than sunburn in July?

If alopecia is a disability, I’m Helen Keller.

Awards shows used to be fun. The people involved couldn’t wait to put on a great show and entertain the hell out of the public to promote their industry. Now they’re all a bunch of spoiled, smug babies — insufferable, self-serving jerks who want to tell us why we’re all racists and bigots.

The year I (barely) graduated high school (1984), 51.67 million tuned into the Grammys. And why not? It was a helluva show full of rock n’ roll, sex appeal, rebellion, great music, and most of all—it was fun! Michael Jackson, the Police, Donna Summer, the Eurythmics, Chuck Berry, Bonnie Tyler…

Granted, I’m old, but who were all those people at Sunday night’s Grammys? Shouldn’t at least one of them pop up on the entire pop culture across all demographics in the same way Whitney Houston and Celine Dion did?

Who’s going to tune in to watch a bunch of strangers sings bad songs no one’s ever heard?

And then the Grammys hire Trevor Noah to host the show… You know, the guy who does a podcast from his living room on some obscure cable channel that can’t attract a half-million viewers.

Host Trevor Noah speaks onstage during the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Yeah, that sounds like a real good use of my Sunday night.

The ratings for every award show are in the toilet now, including the Oscars.

It comes down to this…

Hollywood hates Americans, and now Americans are hating Hollywood right back.

They started it, and they can all kiss my ass.

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