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Nikki Haley criticizes Vivek Ramaswamy’s Israel stance as ‘totally mistaken’.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Slams Presidential Candidate‍ Vivek Ramaswamy Over Israel Funding

During⁤ an appearance on Russell Brand’s‌ Rumble channel,⁤ Ramaswamy claimed he would end funding to ‍Israel in 2028, when a $38 billion U.S. package ends. “Come 2028,‌ that additional aid won’t be necessary in order to still‍ have the kind of stability that we’d ‌actually have in the Middle ‌East by having Israel more integrated in with its partners,” he ​said.

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Ramaswamy‍ also called ⁤for the expansion of‍ the Abraham Accords, an agreement ⁤that ⁣normalized diplomatic‌ relations ⁣between Israel and several Arab countries, and⁤ argued that Israel should be able to stand ‍”on its own two feet.” “Israel should not receive preferential treatment from the ​United States, even though our relationship with Israel has advanced‍ American interests,” Ramaswamy‌ added.

Haley, who often touts her foreign policy credentials as a presidential candidate, struck back on Monday morning. “Vivek Ramaswamy is​ completely wrong to call for ending America’s special ⁤bond⁣ with‍ Israel,” she said in a statement. “Support for Israel ⁣is⁣ both ⁢the morally⁤ right and strategically smart thing to do. Both countries are stronger and safer because of our iron-clad friendship. As president, I will never abandon Israel.”

Washington has long championed America’s support of Israel, ​though tensions have been strained between Democrats and Israeli Prime⁣ Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent months ⁣over the country’s overhaul of‌ its judicial system. Republicans remain vocal allies, however, with House‌ Speaker Kevin McCarthy ‌(R-CA) pressuring President Joe Biden ⁢to ⁢invite Netanyahu to‌ the White House.

Ramaswamy’s comments on Israel put him at odds with most Republicans⁣ and follow controversial foreign policy comments he made on Ukraine, saying he ​would allow Russia to claim parts of the war-torn country and is against Ukraine joining NATO.

James Stavridis,‍ former supreme ‍allied commander of NATO, recently slammed Ramaswamy’s comments as appeasing Russian President Vladimir Putin. “This kind of ⁣foolish⁢ appeasement was attempted in ⁢the 20th century, ⁣and⁤ you can drop a plumb line to the rise of fascism and the Second World War. Never a good idea to give in to liars⁢ and bullies like Putin,” he said.

“This is part of a concerning pattern with Vivek,” ​Haley continued. “Between abandoning Israel, abolishing the FBI, and giving Taiwan to China, his foreign policy ⁤proposals⁣ have ‍a common‍ theme: they make America less safe.”

Haley and Ramaswamy will square off during the Republican National ⁤Committee’s first​ primary debate, which will take place on Wednesday in Milwaukee.

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