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Nikki Haley fires back at Pompeo: ‘I was a damn good UN ambassador’

RPresidential hopeful for epublican Nikki Haley Reacted strongly to fellow Trump Administration alum Mike Pompeo over the conjecture she was jockeying for the vice presidency.

In his latest book, Haley questioned Haley’s support for the Trump administration and shared a story suggesting that Haley was trying to make friends with former President. Donald Trump In the hopes of rubbing shoulders with then-Vice President Mike Pence Out of his role as his running mate for 2020. Haley attributed Pompeo’s critics to envy.


“First of all, Pompeo wrote about something he heard from someone else. Can we just start there?” Haley told The Ruthless Podcast, in an episode published Tuesday. “The second thing I’ll tell you is, look, I was a damn good U.N. ambassador, and every secretary of state hated it.”

Mike Pompeo, then-Secretary to State, and Nikki Haley.

Last month Haley revealed her 2024 campaign. Pompeo is ruminating on a run and taking shots at possible rivals. A decision will be made in springtime.

He wrote: Never Give An Inch: Fighting For the America I LovePompeo, who released the following earlier this year, relayed an interesting story he heard from Haley. It claimed that she had a son-in law, Jared Kushner. “played” John Kelly was the then-chief of staff and secured an Oval Office meet with Trump.

“As best Kelly could tell,” Pompeo wrote according The Guardian, “they were presenting a possible ‘Haley for vice-president’ option. I can’t confirm this, but [Kelly] was certain he had been played, and he was not happy about it. Clearly, this visit did not reflect a team effort but undermined our work for America.”

Pompeo also criticized Haley’s decision to step down from her position halfway through Trump’s presidency. Since then, he has doubled down That is the stance.

“She has described her role as going toe-to-toe with tyrants,” Pompeo made these remarks in his book. “If so, then why would she quit such an important job at such an important time?”

Haley has previously diminished Pompeo countered that he was selling a product. “lies and gossip to sell a book.” Pompeo was not the only one to rip Haley’s performance in Ambassada

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