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Great speech, Mr. President. Time to halt appeasement of terrorists.

President Biden Condemns Antisemitism and Defends Israel

After the horrific massacre of​ over a thousand Jews in ‌Israel, including⁣ the brutal beheading of infants and the burning‌ alive of elderly women, President Joe Biden delivered ‍a powerful speech denouncing ⁢the antisemitism‍ of Hamas as “pure, unadulterated evil.”

It⁢ is ​only fitting that ⁤the leader of a civilized nation responds with such​ strong sentiment after witnessing ​the worst ‍act of violence against‌ Jews since the Holocaust. The moral clarity expressed in Biden’s speech was a ⁢refreshing change from ⁣the ⁤degeneracy of ⁣Hamas allies and the fellow travelers ⁣ that have infiltrated ⁤the American left.

It is astonishing to ⁣see Democrats, who ‍have⁤ defended individuals like Rashida Tlaib, Ben ‌Rhodes, BLM, and CAIR for years, now acting surprised‌ by the ‌presence of Soviet-style “anti-Zionists” within their ‍ranks. These individuals are not fringe extremists; they are celebrated, educated,⁤ and deeply embedded in left-wing intellectual circles,‌ major universities, bureaucracies, Congress,‍ and establishment publications, as well⁣ as cable news channels.

While some on the center-left have spoken out, most leaders have remained silent. ​It begs the question: if you are too afraid to condemn these individuals now, ⁤when ⁤will you find the courage to do so?

So, Biden’s‌ speech ⁢was commendable. But what actions will Democrats take? It is​ likely that the United States is providing intelligence assistance to ‍Israel, and ‍one can only hope that we will also offer diplomatic support instead of repeating the mistakes of‍ the Obama era, where the ​Jewish State was⁢ treated as a‌ mere acquaintance. These efforts are greatly appreciated.

However, when will the administration revoke the $6 billion waiver granted to the Iranian mullahs, who have ⁢spent decades murdering and kidnapping American citizens, while fueling wars against our Middle Eastern‌ allies? It is inconceivable that Hamas could carry out ⁤such a⁢ large-scale attackwithout the logistical and financial ⁣support of Iran. The Biden administration has allowed approximately $40 billion in waivers‌ to flow to Iran in recent ​years, not just⁤ six. Some of this⁢ funding may have been intended to stabilize global⁣ supplies and​ lower domestic prices, but we should prioritize domestic drilling instead. Sanctions exist to pressure regimes into behaving responsibly. Will this approach change, or​ will Biden continue the dangerous appeasement of the terror regime, reminiscent of Obama’s policies?

What will‌ Biden do about Qatar, a country that welcomes‌ Hamas leaders to celebrate the murder of Jews ‌and Americans while they enjoy luxurious accommodations in Doha?⁣ The Department of Justice has designated Hamas as a‍ terrorist organization, ‍yet Qatar is supposedly ⁢an ally. There is no reason why we should not be ‍able to extradite those responsible for violence⁤ against American citizens.

Furthermore, what​ is⁣ Biden doing about the hundreds‌ of millions of ⁣U.S. tax dollars that continue to‍ flow to Palestinian‌ governments every year,‌ both directly and⁤ through the United Nations? Are we inadvertently funding⁤ groups that divert resources‌ to ⁣carry out ‌terror attacks and provide stipends to the families of those who murder Jewish civilians?⁣ Should we ⁢be supporting regimes ‍that⁤ perpetuate hate and violence, even across generations?

Just a few months ago, Fatah was considering forming a unity government with Hamas, the same organization that ruthlessly executed 260 young people at a ⁢music festival. It is​ worth noting that Hamas would likely receive majority support from the Congressional Progressive Caucus ⁤or the Harvard student ​body.​ For⁤ over a ‌decade, there have been no elections in the “West Bank” because Hamas and other fanatical parties would undoubtedly ​prevail. Hamas is ⁢the only group⁤ that can make Fatah appear moderate. Is this the kind⁣ of place that deserves U.S. aid, ⁢moral‍ support, or ​even statehood?

President Biden’s words are commendable, but his‌ administration has yet to take significant action ⁢on many of ⁢these issues.

How will President Biden address Qatar’s financial and political support⁣ to⁢ S and hold them accountable ‌for their actions?

S​ known to⁢ provide financial and political support to ‍them. Will Biden ⁢address ⁣this issue ⁣and ‌hold Qatar accountable for its actions?

Furthermore, ‌Biden’s ​condemnation of Hamas‍ and defense of ‍Israel must also extend to ⁤condemning other ‌forms of antisemitism around the world. ⁢Whether it’s the rise of far-right extremism in​ Europe‌ or the targeting of Jewish communities in countries like France and Argentina, there is a global ‌wave of hatred towards Jews that cannot be⁤ ignored. It is the responsibility of world leaders, including President Biden, ⁢to ‍address and combat this rising ‍tide ​of antisemitism.

In conclusion,⁣ President Biden’s speech condemning antisemitism and ⁣defending Israel was a necessary and commendable ‍response to the horrific⁢ acts of ‌violence committed ‌by Hamas. However, it ‍cannot stop at mere words.⁤ Action⁤ must follow.⁣ The‍ United States must actively‍ support ‍Israel diplomatically and ensure that it ​does not repeat past mistakes of‍ neglecting its Middle Eastern ally. ‍Furthermore, the​ administration​ must reevaluate its ​stance on Iran and hold them accountable for their‍ support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. Additionally, other global instances⁢ of antisemitism must‌ also be addressed and condemned. President Biden‍ has‌ the ​opportunity to make⁤ a significant impact in the ⁤fight⁤ against antisemitism, and it is our ⁣hope ⁣that he will take the necessary steps to do⁣ so.

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