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Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer, may need foot amputation due to circulation issues.

NFL Hall of Famer and University of Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders Faces Potential Foot Amputation

NFL Hall of Famer and University of Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders is facing a serious medical issue that could result in the amputation of his foot. Sanders, who took on the role of head coach at Colorado in December 2022, has already undergone two toe amputations due to blood clots in his foot. He has undergone a total of nine procedures to address his blood circulation issues.

During a recorded meeting with his doctors, the 55-year-old Sanders expressed his concerns, saying, “I don’t have feeling in the bottom of my foot at all. I just want to know what we could do because I want to do it this summer. When we get rolling, I’m not gonna have time to do it.”

Sanders shared his thoughts on the situation during an episode of “Thee Pregame” podcast, where he spoke with vascular surgeon Donald Jacobs. Jacobs warned that Sanders could potentially lose his foot. Sanders, a legendary athlete who excelled in both the National Football League and Major League Baseball, is the only athlete to have played in both the Super Bowl and World Series.

“Well, I know what the risks are. I only have eight toes, so I’m pretty sure I understand,” Sanders responded to Jacobs’ comments. “I just want to know what we can do because I want to do it this summer. When we get rolling, I’m not going to have time to do it.”


Despite the daunting prospect of potential amputation, Sanders remains optimistic. He took to Instagram to share his mindset, saying, “As you know, I’ve faced some medical challenges with my foot, but I’ve never said ‘WHY ME’ – I keep moving forward, progressing. See, you never know what a person may be going through while I sit in your seat of judgment, but you can trust and believe that we are all going through something – just keep the faith and know that if He brought you to it, He will bring you through it. I’m CoachPrime and I’m built for this. #CoachPrime.”

Impressive Coaching Career and Athletic Achievements

Prior to his role at Colorado, Sanders achieved great success as the head coach of Jackson State University, amassing a 27-5 record and winning back-to-back conference championships.

During his playing days, Sanders was a two-time unanimous first-team All-American as a defensive back at Florida State. He also won the prestigious 1988 Jim Thorpe Award, given to the nation’s top defensive back. Sanders’ hiring by Colorado came after the team fired former Head Coach Karl Dorrell in the middle of the season due to the team’s lackluster performance.

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