NFL, ESPN Remove “God And Jesus” From Quote By Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs’ Son

On Monday, Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs brought his son to the mic to praise God and Jesus, but both ESPN and the NFL edited the religious references out of their tweets on the appearance.

Diggs gave the mic over to his young son, Aiden, during the media availability during the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Standing on a step ladder so he could be better seen next to his dad, the Diggs’ tyke delivered a sweet message of love, saying, “I love the whole world, I love God and Jesus and I love my family.”

It’s a wonderful, uplifting message, but it was apparently one neither ESPN nor the NFL was willing to get behind because when they tweeted out their social media posts on the event, both edited out the “God and Jesus” part of the boy’s comment.

As Outkick noted, the decision by ESPN and the NFL to delete the religious mentions in the youngster’s quote ran contrary to many sports reporters who saw no reason not to include the boy’s reference to God and Jesus.

Thus far, neither ESPN nor the NFL has commented on why they felt the need to delete little Aiden’s references to God and Jesus.

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