Newt Gingrich: ‘Every Visit to the Gas Station Hurts the Democrats’


The Democrats’ myopic focus on the January 6 Capitol riots does not resonate with ordinary Americans, because people are worried about “everyday life,” Newt Gingrich said this week.

“In the world of Big Government Socialist Democrats (nearly every elected Democrat in Washington) the riot last Jan. 6 is their best weapon to smear Republicans as unpatriotic,” the former Speaker of the House said Tuesday, adding that the strategy will ultimately fail.

While Democratic leaders drone on about the January 6 “insurrection,” they prove they are tone deaf to the needs and concerns of their citizens, Gingrich wrote.

The reasons Americans will not fall for this ruse, he said, are straightforward and simple.

“Americans are worried about everyday life. As the Democrats are myopically stuck on partisan bickering, Americans see them actively not solving problems,” he wrote.

Moreover, each day that “accelerating inflation increases prices, the Democrats lose ground with ordinary Americans,” he declared.

The former Speaker went on to add issues of education and immigration, where Democrats seem oddly indifferent to Americans’ concerns.

“Every school that is closed by Teachers’ Unions, despite evidence that distance learning hurts children – especially the poor and minorities – also hurts union-owned Democrat candidates,” he stated.

Likewise, every report of “people illegally flooding into the country with no COVID-19 testing or serious scrutiny hurts Democrats,” he said.

The same is true of the Democrats’ misguided approach to crime, as well as the disappearance of cheap, available energy, Gingrich noted.

“Every day that crime goes up, people are murdered, women are raped, carjackings multiply, and gangs openly steal from stores without consequences, it hurts the Democrats,” he asserted.

“Every visit to the gas station hurts the Democrats,” he said.

“The Democrats can’t seem to break out of their commitment to Big Government Socialism, wokeism, cronyism, and corruption,” Gingrich declared. “Having Jan. 6 to occupy their minds makes them feel more secure even if the impact does not help them at all.”

“For all these reasons, Jan. 6 is going to be a disaster rather than an asset for Democrats. It will lead them to lose even more seats in November,” he argued.

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