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Newsom rejects bill allowing judges to consider parent’s support for child’s gender identity in custody disputes.

In a surprising move, Governor Gavin ‌Newsom (D-CA) vetoed a bill that would have allowed‍ judges to consider a parent’s‍ affirmation of a child’s gender identity during custody battles.

In his veto message, ⁣Newsom expressed concerns that the bill could⁢ potentially⁣ limit the civil rights of vulnerable minorities. He emphasized ⁣that California judges already take parental affirmation into account when determining child safety. However, critics of the bill ​argued that it could lead ‌to parents​ losing custody⁣ if they don’t agree with their child’s claims of being transgender.

Newsom ‌acknowledged the importance of advancing ⁢the rights of transgender Californians but cautioned against the Executive and Legislative‍ branches dictating legal standards for the Judicial branch. He warned that this approach could be used by other elected officials to diminish ‌the civil rights of vulnerable​ communities.

Existing law already requires courts to consider a child’s health, ‌safety, and‌ welfare, including the parent’s affirmation of the child’s ‍gender identity. The bill proposed by Democrat Assemblymember ⁣Lori Wilson aimed to include⁢ affirmation as one of the comprehensive factors in determining the child’s best interests.

Republicans and conservative groups, ‌who opposed the bill, argued that ⁤it would erode parents’ rights and could be ​easily manipulated to gain custody.


Wilson expressed⁣ extreme disappointment with Newsom’s decision, highlighting his previous support for the LGBTQ community. She intended the bill to give a voice to children in the family court system, where a non-affirming parent could ‌negatively impact‌ their mental health and well-being.

Throughout his time⁢ in office, Newsom has been a proponent of radical gender theory. He previously signed a bill‌ that makes California a “refuge” for parents seeking sex-change procedures ‍for their children,​ including surgeries and ⁢hormone treatments. He also signed a bill allowing men⁣ who identify as women to be placed in women’s prisons.

What⁤ are the‌ concerns raised by Governor Newsom about potential discrimination and ⁢confusion if gender identity ⁣is added ​as a specific consideration?

Lifornia courts are ‌already required⁣ to consider the best interests of the⁣ child when making decisions in custody battles, and adding​ a ⁤specific consideration ⁣of gender identity could create confusion and lead ‍to ⁢potential discrimination​ against certain‍ groups.

The bill, known as Senate​ Bill 245, aimed to‌ address the growing need for judges to take into account a parent’s affirmation of‍ a child’s gender ⁤identity when determining custody arrangements. The bill was particularly aimed at protecting transgender youth, who often face‌ discrimination and⁤ rejection ⁤from their families.

However, Governor ⁣Newsom’s veto of ⁣the bill has raised concerns among ‌LGBTQ+ activists and ​advocates who argue ⁤that the veto undermines the​ rights of transgender‍ youth and their families. They see the bill as an important‌ step ⁢toward ensuring that the best interests of transgender children ⁣are considered in custody battles,‍ and that parents ⁤who⁣ support their⁣ child’s gender identity ⁢are not penalized for⁤ doing so.

In‌ his veto ​message, Governor‌ Newsom acknowledged the need to protect​ transgender ​youth but argued that the bill could potentially undermine the civil rights⁢ of ​vulnerable minorities in custody battles. He emphasized that ⁢California courts are ​already required to consider all ‌relevant‌ factors, including the child’s gender identity, when ‌making‌ custody determinations.

The governor’s decision ⁤to ‌veto ⁤the bill reflects ⁢a delicate balance between protecting the rights of transgender‍ youth and ensuring equality and fairness⁤ in the custody⁢ process. While ⁢some argue that the inclusion of gender identity as a specific consideration is necessary to address the unique challenges faced‌ by​ transgender ⁢children, others argue ⁢that​ it could ⁢potentially lead to‍ further⁣ discrimination and biased judgments.

The LGBTQ+ community has been pushing for greater recognition ⁤and protection of transgender rights in recent years,⁤ and the inclusion‍ of gender identity in custody determinations is seen‍ as a ⁤crucial step in that​ direction. The veto‌ of⁣ Senate⁢ Bill 245 has‌ disappointed many advocates who believe that it could⁣ have provided much-needed support for transgender youth​ and their families.

Despite the ⁣disappointment, advocates ‍remain hopeful that ⁣this issue will ⁤continue to gain attention and support. They believe⁢ that the inclusion of gender identity⁢ in custody determinations is an ⁤essential safeguard for transgender ‍children, who⁤ often struggle with acceptance ‍and understanding from their⁣ families.

In conclusion, Governor Newsom’s surprising veto of Senate Bill‍ 245⁣ has sparked a debate ‍around the‌ inclusion of gender⁣ identity in custody battles. While the bill sought⁢ to protect transgender youth and⁢ their families, the governor ​expressed concerns about ‌potential limits on civil rights and the⁢ potential for confusion‍ and ‌discrimination. This decision highlights the complex nature ⁢of balancing the rights of vulnerable minorities while ensuring ⁣fair and equal treatment in the custody process. Advocates for transgender rights remain​ hopeful that this issue will continue to gain ‍attention ‍and support in the future.

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