New York Times Latest Spin: Grandpa Biden Is Simply A Folksy Storyteller. Trump Is A Pure Liar.

Man, being a Democratic politician like President Joe Biden is so easy.

You can lie through your teeth for 50 years straight, and the worst criticism from the lapdog media you will receive is a New York Times article waving all that dishonesty away as “storytelling” and “folklore.”

To save ink, let’s shorten “Biden’s storytelling” to “BS.”

On Monday, The Times wrote a lofty story about such BS titled, “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel.”

The article, which took two journalists to write, has the subheader: “President Biden has been unable to break himself of the habit of embellishing narratives to weave a political identity.”

The Times went on to list a number of lies — though the paper didn’t call them that — that have already been covered extensively by conservative news outlets — including The Daily Wire. The BS includes lying about traveling to Afghanistan to pin a silver star on a war hero, his house almost burning down from a fire, and being a politically Black-Puerto-Rican-Jewish American.

All of it is old news, but the president repeats his lies often enough that even legacy media has to report on it.

If anytime readers of The Gray Lady are struggling to understand when Biden is lying, here’s a helpful tip.

First, anytime Biden claims that somebody called him “Joey,” it suggests that he is telling an exaggerated story at best and an outright lie at worst. The president’s favored phrase — “not a joke” — is another tell that something is amiss.

The Times, being the hacks they are, had to claim that former President Donald Trump is worse than Biden.

“Mr. Biden’s instances of exaggeration and falsehood fall far well short of those of his predecessor,” the paper said in an effort to appease its clientele.

“Former President Donald J. Trump lied constantly, not only about trivial details (like insisting it hadn’t rained during his inauguration when it clearly had) but also about consequential moments — misleading about the pandemic, perpetrating the ‘big lie’ that Mr. Biden stole the 2020 election, and claiming falsely that the Capitol was not attacked by his supporters on Jan. 6, 2021,” the article said.

Did you get that? Trump is a liar, whereas Biden is simply a folksy storyteller who uses exaggeration and falsehood to craft his own political narrative.

To prove its point, The Times even spoke to an expert on presidential lying. Eric Alterman is the author of “Lying in State: Why Presidents Lie — and Why Trump Is Worse” and, perhaps not surprisingly, a professor in the City University of New York system.

“He obviously has this tendency, where he’s a good and decent man who in politics has felt like he could stretch the truth up to a point just like virtually every president has done,” Alterman said seriously.

“With Biden, people have decided these are not the kind of lies that matter,” Alterman added. “These are the kinds of lies that people’s grandfathers tell.”

The Times also noted conservative criticism of the president while speaking to another college professor for comment.

“It’s an attempt to create a sort of picture of who he is as someone who has empathy and knowledge and connection with people who are unlike him,” Michael Blake, a professor of philosophy, public policy and governance at the University of Washington, told the paper.  “But the problem is, when it’s verifiably a false story, at that point trust in that story, it fails.”

Of course, Biden’s first campaign ended due to plagiarism and lying about his law school record. From there, the BS has only gotten worse.

In other words, Biden’s entire political narrative has been a lie. That’s obvious as he presented himself as a moderate unifier and has now spent the first two years of his office demonizing Trump supporters, and his administration has effectively sicced the Department of Justice on his political opponents.

Anyway, disregard all that. According to the “experts” and reporters at The New York Times, Grandpa Joe is just an All-American classic no different from your grandfather. What BS.

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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