NYT: Eric Adams, a Democrat, Supports Controlled Migration

A favorite pastime of mine is watching how quickly the national media‌ discover nuance⁣ and complexity in a tragedy once it’s a Democrat who’s at the root of it.

Political violence committed by a Republican? Right-wing, pro-gun, white⁤ supremacist inspired by‍ Fox News​ and Donald Trump’s ​hateful rhetoric!

Political violence committed by a Democrat? Well, there’s plenty of blame to⁣ go around, and both​ sides need to ‌do their part in bringing down the temperature a little.

Deadly virus spreading under a Republican administration? Mismanagement, ineptitude, willful ignorance, science denial!

Deadly virus spreading under a⁣ Democrat administration? Well, it’s the⁢ nature of a virus to ⁢spread,‍ and the population density and age are ‍factors — plus it’s up to the individual ​to do his part.

And now that major Democrat-run cities are well into a second ⁣year managing the influx of illegal border crossers by the tens of thousands,⁣ immigration isn’t so black-and-white either.

New⁤ York Mayor Eric​ Adams was featured in a viral video this week‌ wherein he said some very interesting things about the unabated stream of migrants bused from Texas into his ⁤city, where ⁣residents get⁣ the privilege of bathing, clothing, feeding, and housing them all at ‍taxpayers’ ‌expense. That’s money that doesn’t get ​to be spent on things like homeless ‍shelters, police, and more public services that would otherwise go to​ actual Americans and legal residents.

“We have a $12 billion deficit that we’re going to have to cut,” Adams said. “Every ​service in this city is going to be impacted.” But‌ what he said thereafter was even more urgent. “They’re destroying New York City,” he said. “It’s going⁣ to come to your neighborhoods. All of us are going to be impacted by this. … The⁤ city we knew, we’re about to​ lose.”

I remember a ​certain someone​ who spoke of the ⁢mass migration problem in similar terms.

Trump, October 2018: ⁢“This ​is an invasion of our​ Country…”

During that time, a ⁤month ahead of the midterm elections, Trump was‌ warning about the so-called “caravan” of several thousand migrants marching from Central America to the U.S., where ‍they would⁢ demand entry and all the perks that come from scamming our ⁣laughable asylum policy.

Here’s the⁣ headline ⁤ The New​ York Times ran the same⁣ day as Trump’s⁤ remark: “How Trump-Fed Conspiracy Theories ⁢About Migrant Caravan Intersect With Deadly ⁤Hatred.” The corresponding article used the words “alarmist,” ⁤“hatred,” “paranoia” and⁣ “conspiratorial” to describe Trump’s posture.

By ‍contrast, an article in the ‌Times on what Adams said in the⁢ video merely noted that the mayor “has struggled ​to provide housing and services to the migrants” and said ⁣that his outcry was an “escalation” of​ rhetoric. To the⁢ extent there was‌ anything remarkable ‌about Adams’ ⁤comments at all, the Times allowed that they were “his most ominous yet.”

And just like that, the border crisis isn’t about “hatred” ‌and “paranoia.” It’s about‍ a mayor’s struggle!

Nothing really⁣ changed here. The border has been a mess for years. The problems that​ come with crushing migration from Latin America’s most destitute ⁤nations ‍are still ​the‍ same. The only difference is that it’s now a prominent Democrat at the⁣ center of it.

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