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New Orleans magician alleges rival Democratic campaign requested fake Biden robocalls

A Magician’s Role in an AI-Powered Robocall​ Impersonating ⁢President Biden

A New Orleans ​magician has⁤ found​ himself at the center of a controversial scheme‍ involving artificial ⁣intelligence (AI) and a robocall impersonating President Joe Biden.⁢ The magician, Paul Carpenter, revealed that he was hired by a consultant for a ⁤rival Democratic campaign to create the audio used in the ⁣robocall.

Carpenter, who was hired by Steve Kramer, a consultant for Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips, ‍used​ AI technology to imitate Biden’s voice. He admitted to creating the⁣ audio but claimed that he had no knowledge of how it would be distributed.

The process of creating the fake ⁢audio⁤ took less than 20 minutes and cost only ‌$1. However,⁣ Carpenter was⁤ paid $150 by Kramer for his services. He shared evidence of their transaction, including text messages, call logs, and Venmo payments, with NBC‍ News.

Regretting his involvement in the scheme, Carpenter came ⁣forward to NBC ⁣News and​ demonstrated how he created the Biden audio ⁣using an AI startup called ⁣ElevenLabs. The original audio shared with the ⁤outlet appeared to be a complete and higher-quality version of the robocall sent to ⁢New Hampshire Democrats.

The robocalls, ⁣which‍ urged voters not to participate in the primary, have sparked a multi-state investigation. New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella announced a criminal investigation into Life ‌Corp., a Texas-based telecommunications ⁤company ⁢allegedly ⁢responsible for the thousands of robocalls.

Kramer, a ‍seasoned political operative, has worked⁣ on numerous campaigns aimed at increasing voter turnout. He has yet to provide a ​comment on the matter but stated‍ that he would address the issue in an upcoming opinion piece.

Carpenter​ believed that ⁣Kramer ⁤was working on behalf of the people⁣ he was impersonating and⁢ that the AI manipulations were approved by the campaigns. He ​was unaware of Kramer’s work for Congressman Phillips and ⁤had not heard of him before.

Kramer enlisted Carpenter for ‍three projects, including impersonating Senator Lindsey ‌Graham⁤ and creating a deepfake of Biden discouraging New Hampshire voters from participating in the primary. Text messages between the two revealed their collaboration and the payment transactions made.

Phillips⁣ and his campaign​ expressed their⁤ outrage upon⁤ learning of Kramer’s alleged involvement.⁤ They stated ⁣that they would sever⁣ ties‍ with him and consider legal action if the allegations are confirmed.

The controversy surrounding the AI-powered robocall highlights the ethical concerns and potential misuse of technology in political campaigns.

Source: The Washington Examiner

What⁢ flaws⁣ in ⁣existing ⁤laws and‍ regulations regarding AI and deepfake technology were exposed by this incident, and what urgent legislation is needed to effectively address these challenges and prevent ⁤the ⁢spread ⁢of misinformation in political campaigns

​According to Carpenter, ⁢he initially believed he was creating the audio for a satirical project​ or a prank. ⁤He stated​ that he was unaware of the ‌robocall’s intended use until he read news reports ⁤about it. Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, Carpenter expressed regret for​ his involvement and condemned the ‌deceptive nature of the robocall.

The ⁢robocall, which was ​disseminated in ⁣the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, generated widespread controversy‌ and raised questions about the‌ ethical boundaries of political campaign strategies. Many ⁣criticized the use⁢ of AI technology to impersonate a political figure‌ and ‌deceive​ voters.

The incident⁤ also exposed flaws in existing laws and regulations regarding AI and deepfake technology. As AI algorithms become increasingly sophisticated, the potential for misuse and manipulation becomes more prevalent. This case highlights the urgent need for legislation that can effectively address these challenges and prevent⁤ the spread of misinformation and disinformation ⁤in political campaigns.

Furthermore, the incident raises concerns about the role of magicians‌ and entertainers in political campaigns. While magicians often use their skills ​to entertain and amaze audiences, their involvement in political schemes can have serious​ ethical implications. This incident serves ‍as a reminder that ​individuals in the entertainment industry must ‌carefully consider the consequences of their actions and the potential ⁢harm they may cause.

In response to the controversy, Carpenter has expressed a willingness to cooperate with authorities and provide any necessary information to aid in⁢ the investigation. He recognizes the gravity of the situation‍ and the need for accountability.

In conclusion, the involvement of a magician in an AI-powered robocall impersonating President Biden has sparked a‌ broader discussion about the ethical considerations surrounding AI technology in political campaigns. This incident serves as a wake-up call for legislators, policymakers, and society as a whole to address the potential dangers of AI manipulation in the political arena. It also prompts reflection on the responsibilities of individuals, such as magicians,⁢ to carefully⁣ consider the impact⁣ of their actions on society ⁣and democracy. As technology continues to advance, it is crucial that we establish clear guidelines and regulations to safeguard against⁣ the malicious use of AI⁤ and preserve the integrity of our democratic processes.

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