NM lawmakers seek to impeach ‘domestic enemy’ governor over public health order.

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OAN’s Daniel Baldwin

1:58 PM ⁢– Tuesday, September 12, 2023

New ⁢Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham ‍has ​taken a bold⁢ step in response to the tragic shooting deaths of three‍ children in under two months. She has declared a public health emergency and issued ‍an ⁣order to suspend‌ open and concealed carry laws across Albuquerque and Bernalillo County for at least 30⁣ days.


This emergency order has sparked bipartisan backlash,​ with state lawmakers already preparing‍ articles of impeachment.

“I swore an oath on the ⁣Constitution, which is absolute, that I‍ will uphold the ‍Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Rep. ‌John⁤ Block (R-N.M.) told One America News. “This is a domestic enemy that we’re having to deal with here.”

Grisham’s ban on guns in public spaces across Bernalillo ​County will be in effect until October 8th. However, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office has announced that its deputies will not enforce the order.

“This is something that’s ‌not only an attack on New Mexicans,” Block said. “This is trying to set a precedent across ⁣the state, across the country, for ⁤other⁤ tyrannical Democrat governors to do ‍just ‌this.”

New⁢ Mexico‌ Attorney General Raul Torrez, ‍in a press release, has stated that ‍he will ‍not defend Grisham in a lawsuit filed by the National Association for Gun ⁤Rights, as he believes it violates the constitution.

“He knows this is unconstitutional,” Block⁤ said. “And he too did have that⁣ oath ⁤of office that ​we all​ are supposed to abide by.”

Block reveals that he has reviewed an initial draft of articles of​ impeachment and‌ hopes they ⁤will​ be⁣ finalized ⁣by the ‍end of the‍ week. However, the New‌ Mexico state constitution is unclear about the⁣ impeachment process.

“The House of Representatives brings forth the articles,” Block explained. “And then ⁢the Senate has to concur with the⁢ House, and​ it takes a majority of House members⁣ to impeach. So that would ⁤be 36 members.”

Both sides of the aisle agree that this public health emergency is ‌ineffective and unconstitutional.

“She ⁢threw the logic right out the window,” Block said. “Because she said during the press conference on​ Friday, ‘I know that‌ these⁤ criminals‍ are not going to follow ⁣these edicts.⁢ I know ‍that they’re not, but I’m still going to put this on ⁢law-abiding citizens.’”

“Then we see two people have been murdered⁣ in Albuquerque‌ since her order ⁢took place,” Block ⁢continued.⁢ “One at a motel⁣ and then one a couple of days before that. So two⁤ people have been brutally ‌murdered in Albuquerque during ⁣the time that ⁢she has put forward this edict.‍ It’s not working, it’s not constitutional, and it’s not going to ⁤hold up​ in court.”

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