New Jersey Gym Owners Warn Democrat Gov. Murphy: 'We Will Hold You Personally Responsible for the Death and Destruction' Brought to NJ

The owners of Atilis Gym, the New Jersey gym that opened in defiance of Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) overreaching coronavirus edicts last year, warned the incumbent that, whether he wins or loses his reelection bid, the businesses is “coming for him” as his lawsuits will “continue to fall apart.”

“Dear @GovMurphy. Whether you win or lose today, please know that @TheAtilisGym is coming for you. Your lawsuits will continue to fall apart,” co-owner Ian Smith posted to his Twitter page on Election Day.

“And when we are done with them, we will hold you personally responsible for the death and destruction you brought to NJ. – Frank and Ian,” the owners added:

The owners rose to the national spotlight after they opened in defiance of Murphy’s coronavirus edicts last year, as the governor forced businesses he deemed “nonessential” to shut down. Days later, the state’s health department shut the gym down after it opened in protest of the stay at home order.

At the time, Smith described the shut down as a “dirty tactic” by Murphy and a “coordinated attack.”

“It’s a gross abuse of power,” Smith said, adding that he expressed no regret for reopening.

“Absolutely not. We’re gonna defend our rights,” he said at the time.

The following month, authorities arrested the gym owners for violating Murphy’s edicts.

Atilis Gym

Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, NJ

“Welcome to America 2020, where feeding your family and standing up for your Constitutional rights is illegal,” the gym’s Facebook post read at the time. “@govmurphy flexing his little tyrant muscles finally — only took him 70 days.”

The gym has not backed down, continuing to actively fight back.

“Reminder that @GovMurphy, the DAs office, a corrupt judge, sheriffs office, town council and Captain of Bellmawr PD, and Health Department couldn’t stop @TheAtilisGym from opening against unconstitutional mandates,” Smith noted Monday.

“600 days later and we’re still open,” he added. “These people are weak”:

It remains unclear who will win New Jersey’s governor race, as it developed into an unexpected nail-biter despite Murphy going in with a clear polling advantage.

As of noon Wednesday, with 88 percent of the vote in, Murphy led Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli by less than half a percentage point.

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