New CNN Poll Might Be The Most Glaring Indictment Of Biden And Democrats Yet


Americans question President Joe Biden’s priorities in new CNN polling released Monday that highlighted widespread displeasure with the direction the country is heading.

The latest CNN poll showed that 68% of U.S. adults believe Biden’s priorities are wrong and that the president hasn’t paid enough attention to critical issues facing Americans, like the economy and inflation. This is up 10% from November 2021, when the data was last tracked, according to the poll.

As the midterms loom, Americans told CNN pollsters that they don’t believe the country, where elected Democrats hold the highest offices, is heading in a safe direction.

The survey found that 75% of Americans believe the rising cost of living, including gas, energy and food prices, is the biggest economic crisis facing U.S. families. (RELATED: Inflation Hits Yet Another Record High As Americans Feel The Squeeze)

The data showed that 79% of Americans said the U.S. is doing “pretty or very badly,” and 34% said it is doing “very badly.” Only one percent of U.S. adults believe the country is doing “very well,” and only 21% think it’s doing “very or fairly well,” according to the poll.

Comparatively, in June 2019, the poll showed that 18% of U.S. adults felt the country was doing “very well,” and 57% said the U.S. was doing “very or fairly well.”

When respondents were asked how the country is fairing economically, only one percent of U.S. adults said it is doing “very good,” and 18% said it was doing “good,” the data showed. Over 80% of Americans told the poll the economic conditions in the U.S. were “poor,” and 41% said they were “very poor.”

In May 2019, the poll reported that almost 30% of U.S. adults said the economy was “very good,” and 70% said the U.S. had a good economy.

U.S. inflation climbed 9.1% over the past 12 months since Biden told Americans on July 19, 2021, that the rising costs facing Americans would be temporary.

“Some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation,” said Biden in 2021. “But that’s not our view. Our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we’ve seen are — were expected and expected to be temporary.”

The poll surveyed 1,459 U.S. adults from June 13- July 13 with a margin of error of +/-3.3%. The margin of error among the 1,203 registered voters who responded to the CNN poll was +/-3.6%.

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