New Analysis Destroys Dems’ Spin on Crime


After ignoring crime as an issue negatively impacting voters ahead of the midterm elections next week, prominent Democrats have repeatedly made the claim that red states have higher crime rates than blue states. 

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was on the campaign trail for New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul this week, recently made the argument during an interview with CNN. 

While being pushed the issue of crime, Hochul called people concerned about the issue “data deniers.” 

But the data in is and it debunks the desperate narrative as Democrats scramble on how to address the issue. 

New analysis from the Heritage Foundation shows the vast majority of cities where crime is raging, and driving up rates in red and blue states, are overwhelmingly run by Democrats. 

“While a state’s murder rate is perhaps politically interesting, a more accurate reflection of what is actually happening on the ground is gained by reviewing localized murder rates, such as murder rates in a city or county. What does this review show?” the analysis found. “Not surprisingly, of those 30 cities, 27 have Democratic mayors, the exceptions being Lexington and Jacksonville, which have Republican mayors, and Las Vegas, whose mayor is an Independent. And within those 30 cities there are at least 14 Soros-backed or Soros-inspired rogue prosecutors.”

“Those on the Left know that their soft-on-crime policies have wreaked havoc in the cities where they have implemented those policies. It is not hard to understand why ‘reforms’ such as ending cash bail, defunding the police, refusing to prosecute entire categories of crimes, letting thousands of convicted felons out of prison early, significantly cutting the prison population, and other “progressive” ideas have led to massive spikes in crime—particularly violent crime, including murder—in the communities where those on the Left have implemented them,” the report continues. 

For clarity, the RNC added party graphics to the list: 

Even the folks over at MSNBC know crime is an issue.

Polling shows crime is a top consideration as voters cast their ballots. 

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