Nevada Governor Rips Biden For ‘Federal Confiscation’ Of Over 500,000 Acres: ‘Historic Mistake’

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to create two national monuments in Nevada and Texas on Tuesday, claiming that it would negatively impact the state’s economy and cost jobs.

Biden had used his presidential authority to create two national monuments under the Antiquities Act of 1906, with strict regulations covering around 510,000 acres of land. The Avi Kwa Ame National Monument in Nevada, covering over half a million acres, was designated over a region known for its mineral-rich land, including large reserves of lithium.

Lombardo argued that the designation, which was made without his input, would severely impact mineral development and other planned economic development efforts. He also criticized Biden for not responding to his concerns, stating that the federal confiscation of land would cost Nevadans for generations to come.

Meanwhile, Biden defended the move, declaring that the region was rich in biodiversity, with spiritual and healing significance to many tribes. He also argued that the national monument would not slow the momentum of clean energy development in the state.

However, Lombardo disagreed with Biden, stating that the monument would restrict land development, increase land prices, and hurt affordable housing and infrastructure projects.

Biden also designated the Castner Range National Monument near El Paso, Texas, covering nearly 7,000 acres. He praised the people of El Paso for their dedication to protecting the land, which will be cleared of old munitions and preserved for future generations.

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