Nepali breaks Everest record with 27 climbs, Briton tops foreigner summits.

Nepali Sherpa Breaks Record with 27th Mount Everest Climb

A Nepali sherpa has made history by scaling Mount Everest for a record 27th time, beating his own previous record. Kami Rita Sherpa, 53, reached the summit early on Wednesday morning, guiding a foreign climber along the traditional southeast ridge route. The achievement was confirmed by the Department of Tourism and his hiking company, Seven Summit Treks.

Legendary Climber

Kami Rita Sherpa first climbed Everest in 1994 and has since climbed it almost every year, except for 2014, 2015, and 2020 when climbing was halted for various reasons. He is known for his incredible climbing skills and has become synonymous with the world’s highest peak. Garrett Madison of the U.S.-based Madison Mountaineering company, who has climbed Everest 12 times, described him as a “very strong climber” and an inspiration to many.

Record-Breaking Ascent

This year, Nepal has issued a record 478 permits for people to climb Everest, compared to the previous record of 408 in 2021. May is the ideal time for attempting to reach the top of Everest, with clear weather before the monsoon arrives from the south. However, the country has been criticized for allowing too many climbers, many of them inexperienced, to try for the summit. Dangerous overcrowding can develop, especially at a bottleneck called the Hillary Step, just below the summit. In 2019, nine exhausted climbers died on Everest after queues built up of climbers going up and down.

Impact on Nepal

Nepal is heavily reliant on climbing, trekking, and tourism for foreign exchange. The country has unveiled an expanded incentive scheme to attract major investment in IT hardware manufacturing, doubling the amount of money available to companies. This is part of a wider effort to diversify the economy and reduce its reliance on tourism.


Mount Everest has been climbed more than 11,000 times since it was first scaled in 1953, with many people going up multiple times. However, more than 320 people have died on the mountain, highlighting the dangers of this incredible feat. Kami Rita Sherpa’s record-breaking ascent is a testament to his incredible skill and dedication, and a reminder of the awe-inspiring power of nature.

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