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Iowa evangelical leader expresses doubts about Trump’s ability to win.

Iowa Evangelical ⁤Leader Voices Concerns About Trump as 2024 GOP Nominee

Bob Vander Plaats, the influential president⁢ and CEO of The Family Leader in Iowa, has expressed strong concerns about former ​President Donald Trump becoming the​ 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

Vander Plaats not only desires a dignified nominee but also worries about winning over younger generations who will shape‍ the future of elections. He believes that being a bold leader doesn’t mean compromising on values, as ‍he stated on‍ Sunday:

“The problem people ⁤of Faith have with ‍@realDonaldTrump isn’t Church attendance. Has ‍everything to do with the ‘fruits of the Spirit.’ For ‍example, F bombs and mocking people​ with disabilities. You can be a statesman while being ⁤a bold leader.”

Vander⁤ Plaats also expressed concerns about Trump signing ⁣the CARES Act ​into law in March 2020,⁣ which included funding for COVID-related election measures. Fellow Iowa evangelical Steve Deace​ claimed that this funding ⁤enabled ‍Democrats to steal the last election through ballot harvesting. Vander Plaats responded:

“This, and more, is why @realDonaldTrump supporters are looking for another candidate.‌ The facts aren’t lining up with the repetitive rhetoric. This is the #swamp.”

Vander Plaats emphasized the importance of winning not just the next⁢ election but⁢ also the next generation:

“We not only want to win the next election, but ‍also win the next⁤ generation.”

Quoting GOP presidential candidate​ Vivek Ramaswamy’s column in POLITICO, Vander Plaats ⁣agreed ‌with the criticism of Trump’s leadership:

“While Donald‌ Trump‌ promised to lead the ⁣nation to recommit itself to the pursuit of greatness, what he delivered was just another tale ⁢of ⁣grievance, a persecution complex​ that swallowed much of the #GOP Party whole.”

In an interview with Fox ⁤News, Vander Plaats discussed the latest indictment against Trump and how it may ⁤impact his support. He believes ⁤that Trump has a self-inflicted ceiling and that​ others are searching for a new generational leader:

“So I do believe the president has a self-inflicted ceiling, and I think others are ⁣looking for who else it could ⁣be so we⁤ could turn the page to that next​ generational leader.”

Vander Plaats mentioned several‌ potential‍ candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Senator ‍Tim Scott, and Ramaswamy. He stated that Iowans are currently⁢ evaluating these candidates⁤ and that the coalescing of support will become clearer in the coming months.

Regarding current polls, Vander Plaats pointed out that​ early poll numbers don’t​ always reflect the eventual nominee, using⁣ past examples ‌to illustrate his point:

“I like to remind people that if those current poll numbers are right, then ​in 2008, you‍ would’ve had Giuliani, in 2012 you would’ve had Rick ⁢Perry, and in 2016, you‌ would’ve had Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.”

On August 1, ⁢Vander​ Plaats shared his hunch that Trump may not win the Iowa ⁣Caucus,⁤ despite being‌ the ​front⁤ runner in polls:

“While all ⁤these⁤ polls show @realDonaldTrump ‌the clear ‍front runner, I see no evidence on the ground to support. My early hunch ⁢is he‍ gets beat in⁢ #IowaCaucus All narrative ⁤regarding ⁢him is the same: 1) He did good.⁤ 2) Can’t win. 3) Time to⁣ move on. 4) Need to win.”

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