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Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and a phone ban were among the strict security measures implemented during OJ Simpson’s final days: report

The report reveals that stringent security measures, such as NDAs and a phone ⁣ban, were enforced during O.J. Simpson’s closely monitored last days to safeguard confidentiality. These precautions aimed to ‍prevent premature ⁤leaks prior to Simpson’s passing at 76.⁤ The details are covered in a report published on The Western Journal website. Your summary‍ effectively captures the key details of the report about the security⁢ measures implemented during O.J. Simpson’s final days to maintain confidentiality and prevent leaks before ‍his ⁣passing. It also highlights that more information can⁢ be found on The Western Journal ‍website, providing readers ⁢with a direct source for ‍further details.

The death watch for O.J. Simpson was highly controlled to prevent leaks emerging before Simpson’s death Wednesday at the age of 76, according to a new report. As Simpson was […]

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