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Muslim doctor working with Jews captured by Hamas, rescued by IDF.

A Muslim Doctor’s‌ Harrowing Experience: Saved by IDF

In a remarkable tale of bravery ⁢and unity, a Muslim doctor who selflessly volunteers with the United Hatzalah National Volunteer Organization found himself in a life-threatening situation. ‌Dr. Abu Arar, while responding to emergency calls⁣ alongside Jewish‍ colleagues, was captured by Hamas terrorists, as ⁣reported by Walla News.

“They shot at me until I prayed⁤ in‌ Arabic, and they understood that I am Arab,” he said. “I started praying in ⁢Arabic,‍ and suddenly I heard him ⁣say, ‘Stop, he’s an Arab.’ Fifteen terrorists came out of the ⁤trees, checked me, and wanted to confirm that I was⁢ an ⁤Arab. They asked me about Muhammad and the fatwa (Islamic religious ruling), and then they⁤ said, ‘We have a hostage, this way the IDF won’t assassinate us from the ⁢air.’ Then the most difficult moment began – they shot at every⁣ car that passed by the intersection, simply ‍slaughtered‌ them. I witnessed all of this for about two hours, while I was tied between the trees.”

The situation grew even more dire as one of‍ the terrorists⁤ shot Dr. Abu Arar in the leg, ominously signaling that his next ⁤bullet would⁢ be fatal. Bleeding heavily⁤ and fearing for his life,‍ the doctor prayed fervently for a miracle.

“I began ⁣to bleed quite heavily. During all this time, I prayed for a miracle. I was convinced that I was about to die. It lasted for ⁤about 45 seconds or⁤ so, and‌ then a Yamam (Israeli counter-terrorism unit) force arrived at the scene. They eliminated⁢ the terrorists and rescued me alive.⁣ A paramedic put an artery tourniquet on my leg, and ⁢the ambulance that‌ arrived took me to Soroka hospital, where I was treated and released a few hours later.”

Reflecting on ‌the traumatic ordeal, Dr. Abu Arar expressed the profound ⁣impact⁣ it had on him.

“This was ⁤the worst experience of my life,” he concluded. “I dedicated​ my entire life to helping others and saving lives, both professionally as a doctor and in volunteering⁣ with United Hatzalah. I was forced, against my will, to ​witness the terrible massacre that took place in​ front of‍ my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. It was‍ horrifying. I have⁢ no​ words to describe it. Just terrible.”

How does​ Dr. Arar’s story challenge stereotypes⁤ and biases about Muslim extremism?

“Allahu Akbar,” hoping they would think I⁣ was a Muslim extremist and spare my⁣ life,” Dr. Arar recounted.

Dr. ‌Arar’s story is a ​testament to the resilience‍ and bravery⁢ of ⁢individuals who put‍ the needs of others before‍ their ‍own, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. Amidst the ongoing conflict and tensions between Israel and Hamas, this incident ‍highlights the power of unity in the face of​ adversity.

Dr. Arar’s⁢ dedication ‌to saving lives knows no ‍boundaries,​ as he actively‍ serves both his Jewish and Arab‍ communities ⁣through his⁣ work with United Hatzalah. This organization, composed of ⁢Jewish, Muslim, and Christian volunteers, provides emergency medical ‌services to⁣ anyone in ⁤need. ​Together, ⁣they serve as⁣ a shining example⁢ of coexistence and mutual respect in a⁤ region often ⁢marked‍ by division and conflict.

It ⁢is unfortunate that ⁢even‍ in a time ‌of ⁢crisis when ‌lives ‌are at stake, some individuals and groups ⁤are driven by intolerance and violence. Dr. Arar’s harrowing ​experience further exposes the dangers faced by individuals ‍who‌ strive ‍for⁤ peace and harmony.⁤ It is‍ important to acknowledge and appreciate those individuals like Dr. Arar,⁢ who risk their own safety to save the⁢ lives of others, regardless of ⁢their faith or cultural background.

The actions of Dr. Arar ⁢and his Jewish colleagues demonstrate the power of‍ empathy and compassion. In the face of danger, they put their faith​ in humanity above religious differences. Their actions challenge the‍ prevailing stereotypes and⁤ biases that fuel hatred and perpetuate ‌conflicts.

The IDF’s role in Dr. Arar’s ⁣rescue underscores the significance of‍ security forces in maintaining ⁤peace and safeguarding lives. The IDF’s​ commitment to ​protecting⁣ all citizens‌ of Israel, regardless of their religious or ethnic‍ backgrounds,​ serves ‌as‌ a reminder that unity and​ collaboration are essential in overcoming the challenges⁤ faced by society.

This ⁣incident⁣ serves as a​ call to action for individuals and ⁣communities worldwide. It highlights the importance of promoting ⁤understanding, tolerance, and respect among different​ faiths⁤ and cultures. The courage and selflessness displayed by Dr. Arar and his colleagues should inspire⁤ us to come together as a global community, ⁤contributing to a more peaceful ​and‌ inclusive world.

In a world often plagued by division and conflict, stories ‌like that ⁤of⁣ Dr. Arar provide a glimmer of hope. They ‌remind us that individual acts ‍of bravery and unity ⁤can transcend the⁢ boundaries of religion, culture, and ethnicity.​ Dr. Arar’s experience serves as a ⁤powerful reminder of the shared​ humanity‌ that unites us all, and the profound impact that unity can have in the ‍face of adversity.

As ⁤we navigate a complex ‌and ever-changing world,⁣ it is ‍crucial to remember the‌ importance of standing together, supporting one‍ another, and embracing diversity. By embracing these values, we can work towards a future ⁤where stories⁤ like that of Dr. Arar become more commonplace.⁢ Only through unity and‌ understanding can we truly overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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