Musk Fed Up, Vows to Visit Border: ‘We Require a Wall’

Tech Entrepreneur Elon‌ Musk Agrees: America Needs a Border Wall

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is apparently fed up with ⁢the ‌dangerous border crisis that Joe‍ Biden⁣ has created and ‌has now agreed with ‍those who‌ say⁤ that America⁢ needs to build a border wall ⁢to act as a serious ⁢deterrent to illegal immigration.

On ‌Wednesday, Musk replied​ to a video of ⁣Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who​ was seen ‌saying that he won’t ⁣approve more ⁣spending on⁤ the ‌war between Ukraine and Russia unless‍ the crisis on⁣ our own ‍border is addressed.

Musk agreed with Speaker McCarthy that the border is a serious issue that needs ⁣to be‌ resolved.

That was not the end ‍of his comments, though. Musk went⁢ on ⁣to insist ⁤that we need an actual,⁤ physical barrier to help limit ⁣illegal crossings.

“We actually do need a wall ‍and we need to require people ⁤to‍ have ‌some ⁤shred⁢ of⁤ evidence to claim asylum to enter, as everyone is doing that. It’s a hack that you can literally Google to‍ know exactly what to say!” he wrote.

Do you agree with⁣ Musk?

Then he added an interesting tidbit by noting that he‌ was ⁤going to visit a hotspot of the border problem ⁤himself.

“Will find‌ out more when I visit Eagle Pass maybe as soon as tomorrow,” he wrote ⁢about his plan⁣ to‌ visit the infamous⁢ border crossing⁣ near the town of ​Eagle Pass, Texas.

Still, Musk‍ agreed that there‌ does⁣ not have ‍to be a wall from coast to coast to tamp down the border crisis.

“Absolutely. Most of ⁣the (very long) border is ‍super⁣ inconvenient, however the convenient parts of the border⁢ need walls and⁣ that’s not hard,” he wrote.

Musk did not say exactly when he was ⁤set to visit the border, but many jumped onto his posts to ⁢agree wholeheartedly with the ⁣X ⁢CEO’s ideas on the border debacle.

Musk is so‌ right with ⁣this one. And most Americans ⁢agree.⁢ Just last year, for ⁢instance, a⁣ poll published by Issues & Insights found that 57 percent supported building ⁤more border wall barriers to only 33 percent who opposed⁣ the idea. And this is​ after ⁣six years of the media berating‍ anyone who wanted a ⁣border⁣ wall as a MAGA racist.

The border crisis⁣ is reverberating all​ across the county,⁢ not just among our border states.​ One ⁤major​ problem that Biden’s⁢ failed border​ policies have⁣ exacerbated ‌is the ​number​ of deaths from overdoses of ​fentanyl⁣ and other drugs. In 2022, the ​last year we have full statistics, the‌ U.S.‌ hit a record of 109,680 people who died from overdoses, NPR reported ⁤in May. And these drugs are ⁢literally pouring over ​Biden’s⁣ wide-open border.

The crisis ⁢on ⁢the southern border ‍is getting ​worse every single day. This is not a⁣ partisan issue. It ‌is hurting all ⁣Americans, not just one side of⁣ the political‌ aisle. Hopefully, Musk’s attention to the crisis will​ help lead to an ​end to ‍Biden’s dangerous and inhuman policies.

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How does Elon⁤ Musk’s ‌support for a border wall align with his ​previous stance on immigration issues?

Here are many ‌natural barriers that can be utilized. In the ​places⁤ where ⁤it makes sense,⁢ a‍ wall can ​be ⁣effective,” he clarified in response to⁤ a tweet suggesting that a physical barrier along the entire​ border may not be feasible.

Musk’s agreement with the need‍ for ​a border wall comes⁣ as‍ no surprise given⁣ his previous outspokenness on immigration issues. ⁣In the past, he has voiced concerns‌ about the impact of uncontrolled immigration on‍ wages and unemployment rates in the United​ States.

His position⁢ is further reinforced by the fact that even Democratic ⁤Party leaders in⁢ New York, a ‍traditionally ⁤liberal‌ stronghold, ‌acknowledge the severity of the border crisis.⁢ Musk’s‍ statement that this is not a partisan issue ⁣highlights​ the urgency and bipartisan⁣ nature of the problem.

The call for evidence⁤ in asylum claims is also a ‌reasonable suggestion from Musk. It is no​ secret that some individuals abuse the asylum ‌system by making false ​claims to enter the ⁤country. Requiring evidence ⁣would not only ‍deter false claims but also ensure that legitimate cases are given‌ proper consideration.

What sets Musk ​apart ⁣from others discussing the border crisis is his hands-on approach. By planning a visit to⁤ Eagle Pass, Texas, he is taking the ⁤initiative to see the situation firsthand and educate‍ himself. This ‌demonstrates his⁢ genuine concern and commitment to finding a solution.

While‌ Musk’s support for ⁤a border wall may be met⁤ with⁢ opposition from some, it is important to acknowledge that his stance is based ⁤on the need for border security​ and the recognition of a genuine crisis. It is crucial to have ‍open discussions and ​consider different perspectives⁢ in order to effectively address the complex issue of illegal immigration.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s agreement that America needs a border wall ‍brings attention to the urgent need for better border security. His ‍proposal to require evidence‍ in asylum claims and his willingness‍ to visit⁣ border‍ hotspots demonstrate ‌his commitment to finding practical solutions. The border crisis should not be a partisan​ issue, ‌but rather a call for bipartisan action to address the ⁢legitimate concerns raised by individuals across the‍ political spectrum.

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