Mountain Biker Rescued From Falling Down A Cliff With A Helicopter

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Los Angeles County sheriffs saved a mountain biker from falling off of the side of a cliff, it was reported Thursday.

The man was riding his mountain bike on the Mount Wilson Toll Road before going off the road, and almost completely fell off the cliff, NBC LA reported. The man was able to find his grip and stick to the side of the cliff, first responders recounted, according to NBC LA.

In an interview with KNX Newsradio, a paramedic, Dan Aleman, said the biker “couldn’t move,” and “He was literally stuck while he was down there.”

After the mountain biker went off the side of the road, his friends called authorities for help. Los Angeles County sheriffs responded to the scene with a rescue helicopter. Authorities found the biker in a “really, really bad spot,” Aleman told KNX Newsradio. (RELATED: Authorities Rescue 66 Stranded Ice Fishermen)

“They had thrown him like … a small rope, it was real thin and somehow he was able to attach it to his ankle and they used that to keep him from sliding,” the paramedic said, according to KMX Newsradio.

The paramedic was able to rappel down the cliff, rescue the biker, and bring him back to safety, NBC LA reported. The biker was then brought aboard the helicopter where a tactical medical team treated him. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported from the incident, NBC LA reported.

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