Mother admits to providing daughter with abortion pills, then burning and burying deceased infant.

Nebraska Mother Pleads Guilty to Illegally Providing Abortion Pills to Daughter

A shocking case has emerged from Nebraska, where a mother has pleaded guilty to illegally giving her 17-year-old daughter abortion pills and assisting in disposing of the baby’s body. This disturbing incident has raised concerns and sparked a legal battle.

The Guilty Plea and Charges

Jessica Burgess, a 42-year-old resident of Norfolk, Nebraska, has admitted to three felonies as part of a plea agreement with Madison County District Attorney Joe Smith. She confessed to providing an abortion after 20 weeks gestation, lying to the police, and tampering with human remains.

While charges related to concealing the death of another person and providing an abortion by someone other than a physician were dropped, Burgess still faces up to five years in prison and $21,000 in fines for the remaining felonies.

The Disturbing Details

Burgess aided her daughter, Celeste Burgess, in obtaining abortion pills from the internet when she was 23 weeks pregnant, in violation of Nebraska’s 20-week abortion ban. After taking the pills, Celeste gave birth to the aborted baby in the shower and placed the body in a bag and a box.

The mother-daughter duo then drove to a field outside of town, where they burned the baby’s body and buried it. The child’s body showed signs of “thermal wounds,” and a man who assisted them confirmed their actions.

Legal Proceedings and Media Coverage

The charges against the mother-daughter pair were filed in August 2022, and initially, both pleaded not guilty. However, Celeste, now 18, reached a plea agreement in May and is awaiting sentencing, facing a possible two-year prison term. Jessica’s sentencing is scheduled for September 22.

It is worth noting that mainstream media outlets have focused on Facebook’s involvement in assisting law enforcement rather than highlighting the facts of the case. This has led to a distorted narrative surrounding the incident.

Chilling Conversations

Transcripts of conversations between Celeste and her mother reveal the disturbing nature of their actions. Celeste asks her mother if they should start the process, to which her mother replies affirmatively, mentioning that it will stop the hormones. They discuss burning the evidence and express anticipation for the arrival of the abortion pills.

This case has shocked the community and raised important questions about the boundaries of reproductive rights and the legal consequences of such actions.

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