Over 75% of GOP voters in early states exploring options beyond Trump: Survey

Trump’s Lead in Early Primary States May Not ⁣Be as​ Solid as Expected


Exciting new polling suggests that former president Donald Trump’s commanding lead over‍ other Republican candidates ⁤might not be as unshakable as previously thought, especially ‍in the crucial early primary states​ of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The latest data, from a CBS News/YouGov survey published on Tuesday, reveals that​ a staggering 79‍ percent of Iowa Republican caucus voters​ are either⁢ considering alternative candidates or⁢ have completely ruled⁣ out supporting Trump.⁢ Only 20 percent said they are solely considering Trump.

In New Hampshire,​ 77 percent of Republicans are exploring ⁣options beyond Trump.

The Iowa caucuses and ​New Hampshire primary, being the first‌ two ‍events on the Republican primary calendar, hold immense significance​ in the race.

Although Trump’s support “floor,” as reported by CBS ‍News, is slightly ​lower in these states compared to ​the national​ average, the former president still ‌maintains a ⁢comfortable ⁤lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as nationally.⁢ According to CBS News’ findings, Trump is the preferred ​candidate of 51 percent ⁣of Republican caucus voters⁤ in Iowa, with ‍Florida governor Ron DeSantis​ trailing far behind at 21 percent. ‌In New Hampshire, Trump enjoys 50 percent support, while DeSantis only‌ garners 13 ⁣percent.

On a national level, an average of‍ polls compiled by FiveThirtyEight shows that Trump commands 55​ percent support among Republicans.

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