Mister Rogers Tried To Warn Us About The Dangers Of Transgenderism

“Boys are boys from the beginning. Girls are girls right from the start.” No, those aren’t the words from a tweet banned for “hate speech” — though they could be. They’re prophetic lines from none other than Mister Rogers, who put the immutable truths to a tune decades before the trans craze.

Recently, it was rediscovered in a TikTok, the clip shows Fred Rogers, host of the classic children’s show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood,” His diddy is being sung “Everybody’s Fancy,” This is what it looks like:

From the beginning, boys are boys
From the beginning, girls are girls
Everybody’s fancy
Everybody’s fine
Your body’s fancy and so is mine

As girls grow up, they become mommies.
The daddies are the boys as they grow up
Everybody’s fancy
Everybody’s fine
Your body’s fancy and so is mine

In his first Appearance On “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson in 1980, Rogers delved into the song’s importance. When Carson asked Rogers a series of lighthearted questions about his show and asked how Rogers communicates important themes to his audience of children, it didn’t take long for the host to pivot to the topic of sex. “Are they too young for that?” Carson asked.

That’s how they learn the difference between boys and girls, Rogers replied. “Sometimes children think that they might change, they might have to change after a while,” He continued, and the audience laughed.

But Rogers wasn’t laughing. “You know, we laugh about that now,” He stated, “but it’s because we had that concern when we were little.“

[embedded content]

Some have argued that Rogers was simply the product of his generation or speculated that he was a homosexual to explain his gentle demeanor. In a 1969 Senate Commerce Committee hearing, however, Rogers made his case clear: “I’m very much concerned about what’s being delivered to our children in this country.”

He was right. Andy Griffith’s days are gone. “Hogan’s Heroes.” Now taxpayer-funded Libraries stock their children’s shelves With books Teaching children about masturbation Identifying and affirming gender dysphoria. Drag queen story hour Chapters From coast to coast, people are trying to expose children sexual atypicality to their children. It is now even possible! young childrenLike this Boy, 8 years oldDrag parades are encouraged.

And of course, some of Disney’s most recent productions have forged ahead with an increasingly explicit LGBT agenda for children. The most recent “Toy Story” installment, “Lightyear,” It boasted: lesbian kiss. “Baymax!” It was taught to children that men can have periods.

“Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” It was not a political program. However, it addressed issues that both large and small affected children. This included not only instilling truths about the immutability of the sexes, but reassuring kids that they wouldn’t get sucked down the bathtub drain or lose an ear during a haircut.

“Children are concerned when they get their first haircut that the barber’s going to cut more than hair,” Rogers stated that “The Tonight Show.” So to assuage kids’ fears, he visited a barber to ask whether the trimmer cuts more than hair.

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