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Minnesota GOP donor Anton Lazzaro gets 21-year sentence for trafficking minors.

A Prominent GOP Donor Sentenced ⁣to ⁤21‍ Years for Sex‍ Trafficking Crimes

A shocking ‍development‍ unfolded on Wednesday‍ as ​a prominent ‍GOP donor, Anton⁣ Lazzaro, ⁢was handed‍ a 21-year prison sentence for his involvement ‍in sex trafficking minors. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minneapolis⁢ revealed the details of this disturbing case.

Conviction and Charges

Lazzaro was found ‍guilty on one ⁣count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors and five⁣ counts of sex trafficking of minors,⁤ as‍ stated⁣ in a press release from the attorney’s office.

Political Contributions

Interestingly, Lazzaro’s⁢ connection to conservative causes has come to⁢ light. Records from the Federal‍ Election‌ Commission website indicate that he made repeated donations amounting to thousands of dollars. His most⁤ recent contribution ‌of $1,000 went to the⁤ Freedom Club ​PAC, an organization that exclusively supports Republicans, according to opensecrets.org.

Prior to that, Lazzaro donated $5,800 to Friends ⁢of Hagedorn, a committee authorized by the ‌late GOP Minnesota Rep. James‍ Hagedorn. He⁣ also contributed $10,000 to the Hagedorn Victory Fund. In January 2021, Lazzaro donated⁤ $10,000 ⁤to the Republican Party of Minnesota. These donations shed light on his political affiliations.

Additional FEC data reveals​ numerous other donations made by Lazzaro since 2019, ranging from ⁤as low as $35 to ⁢as‌ high as $5,600.

The Disturbing ⁢Crimes

The crimes committed by Lazzaro occurred in 2020, targeting victims between‌ the ages of 14 and 16. The severity of the situation cannot⁢ be understated.

According to Laura Provinzino, ‍a prosecuting attorney⁢ in the⁢ case, Lazzaro has shown no⁢ remorse for his ‍actions. “He’s a sex trafficker,”⁤ she ‌stated, as reported by the Associated Press. ⁢The victims themselves expressed the lasting impact⁣ of their ordeal,‌ with one⁣ stating, “I⁤ still see‍ him in my​ nightmares, ⁣in my panic attacks.”

Maintaining Innocence

Throughout the trial, Lazzaro vehemently maintained his innocence.⁤ He took offense to the accusations of perjury, stating, “I take a lot of⁢ offense to ​the government and court’s notion that I perjured myself in this ​trial,” as reported by the Associated Press.

He⁤ further defended himself by ⁢questioning the term ⁣”grooming behavior” used in the case. Lazzaro argued, “If that’s the case, then I suppose anyone who gives someone a gift, whether it be a ‍cheap gift or a million dollars, is grooming their​ companion⁣ for sex. OK?”

These shocking revelations⁤ have sent‍ shockwaves through the political landscape, raising questions about⁢ the ⁤individuals involved and the‌ importance of addressing such heinous crimes.

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