Miley Cyrus reveals when she realized her marriage was finished.

Miley Cyrus Opens Up About⁤ the End of Her Marriage to Liam Hemsworth

In a recent interview, ‌ Miley Cyrus shared the moment she realized her marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth was over. The couple‌ had tied ⁣the knot in December ​2018, but just months later, Cyrus ​knew it wasn’t ⁢going to work.

During her latest TikTok series called “Used to Be Young,” the pop singer revealed that it was during her ​headline performance‍ at the Glastonbury‍ Festival in ​England in June ⁣2019 when she ‌had this realization.

According to Cyrus, the decision to​ end the marriage came from a place of love, as they had been together for 10 years, but also from a place ⁢of trauma⁢ and the need⁤ to rebuild quickly.⁤ She explained, “The​ day of the ⁤show was‌ the day I had ‍decided that it was no longer going to ⁣work ‍in⁤ my‍ life to be in that relationship. That was another moment where the ⁤work, ⁣the performance, the character came ⁤first.”

Now,⁤ Cyrus emphasizes the importance of prioritizing‌ her own well-being. “And I guess ​now that’s why it’s so‍ important⁢ to me for me to not ‍be the case [anymore],” she said. “The human comes ⁢first.”

Cyrus and Hemsworth faced additional⁢ challenges when they lost their home in the⁢ devastating Woolsey wildfire in August 2018. Despite these hardships, they got engaged ‍in 2012 and ‍finally got married in December 2018 after a decade-long on-and-off relationship.

However, less than nine months later, reports of their separation surfaced,​ and Hemsworth filed for‌ divorce. The couple officially divorced in January 2020.

In her latest song,​ “Used To Be Young,” Cyrus reflects on the⁤ wild and crazy⁣ things she’s done in her past. The song showcases her return to ​her country music roots.

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