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Michigan advises residents to secure and ready housing for migrants

Michigan’s Department of Labor and⁤ Economic Development (LEO) Encourages Support for Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Development (LEO) is urging native Michiganders to embrace the opportunity to make Michigan a welcoming home for immigrant, refugee, and ethnic communities. The department emphasizes the importance of securing initial housing, enrolling children in school, and assisting adults in finding ⁣employment.

The Office of Global Michigan, a division of LEO dedicated to⁤ fostering partnerships for immigrant inclusion in workforce development, is calling on everyday Michiganders to ‌lend their support​ to refugee resettlement efforts. By taking advantage of this new option, individuals can personally‍ contribute to ⁤the well-being of a refugee family of their choice.

Building a‌ Welcoming and Inclusive Michigan

Poppy Hernandez, Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer ‌and Director of the ‌Office of Global ⁤Michigan, expressed the department’s goal of creating a home of opportunity for immigrant, refugee, and ethnic communities. Hernandez stated, “With expanded refugee⁤ resettlement pathways, everyday Michiganders can⁤ provide refuge and build a state where people are welcomed with open⁤ arms.”

Hernandez⁢ further emphasized the significance of programs ⁣like the Welcome Corps in advancing the mission of the Office of Global ⁤Michigan.‌ These ⁢initiatives empower more Michiganders ‍to support the growing ​refugee population⁢ and contribute to the development of a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for‍ all.

Private Sponsorship Opportunities

Global Michigan suggests that private sponsorship groups can support refugees of Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan nationality who had a ‌Form I-134 or I-134A filed on⁢ their behalf before September 30th, 2023. Sponsors are expected to provide assistance to newly arrived refugees ⁢for a period of 90 days.

The Benefits of Immigration

The Office of Global Michigan highlights the substantial contributions of the foreign-born population to the Michigan‍ economy. It emphasizes the value of diversity in the political landscape and the enrichment it brings to ⁣the social fabric.‍ Immigrant households in Michigan possess an impressive $18 billion in annual spending power, and approximately 15%‌ of business ⁣owners in Southeast Michigan are immigrants.

Additionally, the team at Global Michigan actively supports the state’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts and collaborates with the state’s Equity and Inclusion Officers.

What role can everyday Michiganders play in assisting ‍immigrant and refugee adults in finding employment and integrating into the⁣ local⁤ workforce

Ute to the growth and success of Michigan’s diverse communities.

Michigan has ⁣a long history of welcoming immigrants and ⁢refugees,⁣ and it is this diversity that has ​helped ‍shape the state into what it is today. The contributions made by these communities have enriched Michigan’s culture, economy, and society as a ⁣whole. However, it is crucial to ensure that newcomers have the ⁤necessary ‍support and resources​ to thrive in their new home.

The Department of Labor and Economic Development recognizes the challenges faced by ‍immigrants and refugees when they arrive in Michigan. One of the most pressing issues‍ is securing initial​ housing. It is important for native Michiganders to provide assistance in finding safe and⁤ affordable housing options‌ for newcomers. By offering guidance and support in this area, we can ensure that immigrant and refugee families ⁤have a stable‍ foundation for⁣ their‍ new lives.

Education is another key aspect that requires attention. Enrolling immigrant and refugee children ‌in school is essential for their integration into society and their future success. Native Michiganders ​can play a ‍vital role in ⁣advocating ​for inclusive and supportive educational environments that promote cultural understanding and acceptance. By working together, we can create an educational system that embraces diversity and provides equal ‍opportunities for⁤ all.

Furthermore, ⁤supporting adults ⁢in finding employment is crucial for their economic independence and integration into the local workforce. Immigrants and‍ refugees bring with them unique skills and⁣ talents that can greatly⁣ benefit Michigan’s economy. By ‍helping them navigate the job market​ and connect with employment opportunities, we can harness their potential and create a stronger, more ​diverse workforce.

The Office of Global Michigan,‍ within the Department of ‌Labor and Economic Development, is ‍dedicated to fostering partnerships for immigrant inclusion ⁤in workforce‍ development. Through its various programs and initiatives, the office actively⁢ promotes the integration and success of immigrant and refugee communities. They provide resources and support to individuals and organizations working towards creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for newcomers.

However, the success of these efforts ultimately relies on the support and engagement of everyday Michiganders. We all have a role to play in making Michigan a​ truly welcoming home for immigrants and refugees. ⁣There are several ways in which individuals can get involved – volunteering with local organizations that support immigrant integration, advocating for ‌policies that promote inclusivity, and fostering friendships and connections with newcomers.

By embracing the opportunity to support immigrant​ and refugee communities, we​ not only contribute to their well-being ​but also enrich⁤ our own lives through the exchange of cultures, ideas, and experiences. Michigan has always ‌been a place of opportunity ⁢and diversity, and by working together,⁤ we can ensure that ‌it remains so for generations to⁣ come.

In conclusion, Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Development is urging native Michiganders to‍ support immigrant, ⁤refugee, and ⁣ethnic communities. By securing ⁤initial housing, enrolling children in‌ school, and assisting adults in finding employment, we can help newcomers thrive in their new home. The Office of Global Michigan plays ⁣a vital role in fostering partnerships and providing resources, but it is the‌ support⁣ and engagement of everyday Michiganders that will truly make a difference. Embracing diversity ‌and welcoming newcomers will not‌ only benefit them but⁣ also enrich‍ our own lives and the future of Michigan.

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