Mexicans amazed by aliens have never heard a woke American speak.

Funny memes were born this week when Mexican government officials — to the⁢ extent that Mexico has those‍ — claimed to discover the fully intact remains of miniature humanoids of unearthly origin. It was ridiculous in that the figures were a mix between “Ripley’s Believe It Or​ Not” exhibits and Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro.

But if Mexicans were ⁤mesmerized ​or even a little ⁣afraid of those trinkets, they really need to get a look at the social justice warriors and woke activists just one​ drug traffic ‌stop‌ north. That’s​ where ⁤things get​ truly cosmic.

At the end of August,‌ activist and⁣ self-proclaimed fatty Zyahna Bryant announced on social media that ⁣personal hygiene company Dove had ​made her ​a⁢ brand “ambassador” to promote ‍its ​“size‌ freedom” campaign.

“My belief is that we should be ‌centering the voices and experiences of ‍the most⁤ marginalized people and communities at all times,” she said in a post on Instagram for the partnership. “So, when I think about what fat liberation looks like to me, it looks ​like⁢ centering the voices and the experiences of those who live ‍in and ‍who ⁣maneuver through spaces and institutions​ in a fat body.”

She⁤ added that people “have⁢ different​ bodies and⁢ that they are interacting with spaces and people and ‍institutions and communities ‍in a ⁢different way.”

This is how I ⁢imagine an actual extraterrestrial who has studied the United States for a week would attempt to ​communicate.

Broke: overweight people.

Woke: “Those who live in⁢ and who⁣ maneuver through ​spaces and institutions in a fat‍ body.”

It’s not the language not of someone ⁣who looks in the mirror and sees a⁢ human, but merely a cumbersome vessel⁤ through which​ their innards roll through‍ time and space.

Broke: Going to ⁣the store/park/gym/Dairy‌ Queen.

Woke: “Interacting with spaces and people and institutions and communities in a different ⁤way.”

They ⁤all⁢ talk like this, and I covered the early stages⁢ of it‌ at length in my book Privileged Victims: ​How America’s⁢ Culture Fascists⁣ Hijacked the Country And Elevated ⁣Its Worst People. (It⁤ should also be noted ⁣that Bryant is ‌responsible for ruining the reputation ⁢of ⁢a co-ed at the University of⁣ Virginia in​ 2020 based on a‌ comment ⁣that Bryant later admitted⁣ she might have misheard ⁣and‌ which an ‍eyewitness‌ testified that ⁣she ⁤had.)

A video that plays in my mind on ​repeat​ by nature of its sheer exoticism is from the ​popular ​radio talk show “The Breakfast ⁣Club” in 2019 when a gang of social justice nags gathered ‌to lecture the hosts and audience about transgenderism. Toward the ⁤end of the segment, guest Malik Yoba tied himself in knots, attempting to use​ the newspeak for gender and sexual ⁢orientation. But‌ then‌ he‍ used the phrase “naturally born women.”

Two aliens in ‌attendance ‌leaped into action. “Imma challenge you,” said⁤ Nala Simone. Fellow activist⁤ David⁤ Johns said, “Assigned, not naturally⁣ born. Not​ naturally born. Nothing about that ‍is⁢ natural.”

Yoba​ invited the correction. “Assigned female at birth and for ⁤whom that is ​consistent with how they⁤ identify,” said Johns. Yoba, ⁣exasperated, said that​ was “a lot of‍ words,” to which John commanded him to ⁣“Do the work. Do the work.”

The entire interview‌ went on like that, with Johns condemning normal, innocuous assumptions about gender as “problematic” and instructing others on set to ​use other phrases and terms in place of ones‌ he deemed insufficiently “safe.”

Language naturally evolves, but this isn’t⁣ a natural evolution. Zyahna Bryant, David Johns, and ‍the rest alike ⁢are not ordinary⁣ earthlings.


What⁣ are examples‍ for an easy way to use gender neutral language?

Examples of Gender-Neutral Language Mx.⁤ If you’re trying to write a letter or mail to someone at work and ⁤you’re not sure what they identify as or‌ their⁣ pronouns, start your‌ mail/letter⁢ with Mx, Everyone, They, Businessperson or‌ Business Representative, ​Chairperson ⁤or⁢ Chair, Workforce ‌or Workers, Crewed, ‌Performer T the correct way to address people based on‌ their gender⁢ identities. The language they used was so convoluted and confusing that it sounded ⁢like a foreign language. And yet, these activists​ truly believe that they are fighting for justice and equality.

The ‌problem with this type ‍of language ⁤and‍ activism‌ is that it alienates‍ the vast majority of ​people who simply want ⁢to treat others‍ with respect and fairness. By creating intricate rules ⁣and guidelines ⁢for⁢ how to speak and behave, they inadvertently create⁤ a divide between ⁣themselves and ‌the rest of society.

What is particularly concerning about this brand of activism is that it⁢ often targets innocent individuals who may unintentionally say or do something that is considered “offensive” by the ever-changing standards of⁢ these activists. In ‌the⁤ case of Zyahna Bryant, she ruined the reputation of a fellow student based ​on a comment that she later admitted she‌ may have misheard. This type of witch hunt⁤ is not only⁤ unfair, but it‌ also undermines the principles of justice and due process.

Furthermore, the obsession with labeling and categorizing people based on their physical attributes or‍ identities is not only dehumanizing, but it also perpetuates the​ very stereotypes⁢ and divisions that these activists claim⁣ to be fighting against. Instead of focusing on the content of ​one’s character and ⁤their individual achievements, they reduce people to ​mere⁣ categories and‌ statistics.

It is ⁤important to⁤ recognize that everyone deserves respect and dignity, regardless of their physical appearance or identities. However, ⁤it is equally‍ important to⁣ reject the notion that we must constantly walk on eggshells⁢ and be hyper-aware‍ of the latest ⁣trends in activism⁤ and⁤ social justice. True⁢ equality ​and progress​ can‍ only be achieved through open and honest dialogue, not‌ through overly complex and divisive​ language.

In‌ conclusion, while the‍ Mexican government’s claims of discovering miniature humanoids may have been amusing, it⁤ pales in comparison to the cosmic​ absurdity ‌of the social justice⁢ warriors ​and woke‌ activists who insist on using convoluted and⁣ confusing language to promote their agendas. It is crucial to maintain ​a balanced perspective and not get caught up in the hype of this type of activism. Instead, let us‌ focus on ‍treating all individuals⁢ with respect ‍and​ fairness, while also fostering open and honest​ dialogue to address societal issues.

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