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Meghan McCain urges GOP candidates to step aside for DeSantis in ‘Don and Ron’ race.

Meghan McCain Urges GOP Candidates to Drop Out for ‘Don and Ron’ Race, Backing ⁣DeSantis for Victory

Meghan‌ McCain, daughter of former Arizona Sen. John McCain ⁢and former co-host ​of “The View,” believes that ⁢Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would ​have a much better chance in the polls if ‍other GOP presidential candidates ​would exit the race, leaving it between him and former President​ Donald Trump.

In a compelling Op-Ed for the U.K.’s Daily Mail, McCain made her proposal, emphasizing that polling data shows Trump with a significant lead over his closest competitor. The RealClearPolitics polling ⁤average puts ⁣the former president at 46.0 percent compared to DeSantis’ 15.8 ⁢percent.

“It’s make or break time, America,” McCain wrote. She called it a⁢ “final wake-up call” for Republicans who want to avoid ‍a repeat of ⁤the 2020 race between Trump and ​President Joe Biden.

McCain pointed out⁢ that⁤ DeSantis is currently ⁣splitting‍ the “anyone but Trump ​vote” with seven other GOP candidates, which is why ‍he is struggling. She‍ referenced New Hampshire’s Republican Governor‌ Chris Sununu, who stated⁤ that if seven candidates dropped out, Trump would lose.

McCain pleaded with the GOP field to ⁣drop out if⁤ they ⁢are not consistently polling in the double-digits nationally, leaving only Trump and DeSantis as ‍the main contenders.

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The only⁤ reason the race is going the way it is, according to McCain, is because Republicans are more focused on “personality” rather than “actual accomplishments.” She highlighted recent attacks on ⁤DeSantis from the ​Trump campaign.

If Trump becomes the 2024 Republican nominee, McCain believes he will be defeated by Biden. She also expressed skepticism about other candidates, including‌ Vivek ‌Ramaswamy, who she said lacks a political record.

McCain praised DeSantis‌ for his leadership in Florida, where he has created‌ a “safe harbor” for those fleeing COVID-19 lockdowns and public health directives. She highlighted Florida’s successful reopening of businesses and schools and its strong economy.

Despite this, the Trump ⁢campaign has tried to portray DeSantis as a ⁣”mini-Jeb Bush,” even ⁣though it was Trump who condemned Republican ⁢governors for rejecting lockdowns.

The Trump administration also ​warned DeSantis about Florida’s high COVID numbers and encouraged mitigation efforts. McCain concluded by stating that DeSantis deserves a⁤ fair assessment from voters‌ who can see through the smears pushed by ⁤Trump, his allies, and the left-wing media.

“It’s long​ past time for the Republican Party to get⁤ behind Ron — before it’s too late,” McCain concluded.

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How does Meghan McCain believe having Ron DeSantis as the sole ​alternative to Trump would consolidate the anti-Trump vote?

S Sununu, ‌who‌ recently dropped out of the race and⁤ endorsed DeSantis, as an‌ example of the kind ‍of⁢ unity McCain is advocating for.

In her article, McCain acknowledges that Trump still commands a strong and loyal following within the Republican Party. She believes⁤ that by having DeSantis as the ⁢sole⁢ alternative, it would consolidate the anti-Trump vote and give⁤ him a better chance of securing ‍the nomination.

McCain highlights ​DeSantis’ accomplishments and popularity as the governor of Florida.⁣ She praises his conservative policies, including his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and⁢ his⁤ support for law enforcement. McCain argues that DeSantis has proven ⁤himself to be a strong and‌ effective leader, and she believes he is ​best positioned to⁢ carry the Republican Party forward.

Furthermore, McCain warns that a divided party will weaken their chances in the general ‌election. She brings up the⁤ example of ‌the 2020 ‌race, where the Republican Party was divided between‌ Trump and various other candidates, ultimately leading‌ to Biden’s victory. McCain asserts that‍ Republicans need to learn from ‍their ⁢past mistakes and unite behind⁢ a single candidate who can effectively challenge the ⁢Democratic nominee.

McCain’s article​ inevitably draws attention to the influence and impact of her late father, John McCain, who⁣ was a prominent figure within the Republican Party. As the daughter of a ⁣respected​ Republican senator and a ⁢former co-host on “The View,” McCain’s endorsement of DeSantis carries weight and could potentially influence other Republicans to reconsider ⁤their candidacies.

In conclusion, Meghan McCain urges GOP‌ candidates to drop out of the race in order to create a clear⁢ path for Ron DeSantis ⁢to challenge Donald⁢ Trump for the nomination. She argues that DeSantis has the qualifications, popularity, and conservative credentials to lead the party ​to victory.⁣ McCain ⁣emphasizes the importance of unity within the party and the need to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Whether her call for unity‍ will resonate with other candidates and Republican voters remains to be seen.

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