Medical Institutions And Doctors Should Help Patients, Not Foment Woke Social Activism

Experts in the medical field have come to a new consensus. The future of health care will be determined by leaders from the AMA, the AAMC, and publishers of prestigious medical journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine. Waking political activism. These ideas have been adopted by hospitals and medical schools across the country, following the lead of the leaders.

Focusing on patients and their biology leads to unjust outcomes and causes harm in this politically charged medical landscape. Doctors must eradicate structural racism, which is the root cause of health inequalities and poor outcomes. According to the AMAHealth care workers have the responsibility to eliminate conscious and subconscious biases, reshape laws and policies, and change systems in schools, housing, health care, and other institutions. It is normal to admit that patients’ health is affected by their environment. However, turning doctors into antiracist activists who wage a war against all institutions in America’s society would be a serious and unnecessary error.

Antiracist approaches are harmful to patients they seek to help. In its lengthy report, the AMA states:

“Over time, social injustices have been literally embodied by black and brown communities, creating individual and collective chronic stress and trauma that elevate stress hormones and lead to inflammation that wreaks havoc on internal organs. In effect, chronic exposure to racism causes ‘weathering’ of people’s bodies that increases vulnerability to illness and early death.”

This notion is scientifically questionable. Scientists are unable to prove that racism is responsible for the increase in inflammation and susceptibility to certain illnesses. How do you measure this?

The notion that racial disparity is causing mass death is not only absurd from an empirical perspective, but it is also harmful to those it seeks help. It strips black and brown people of any agency. Doctors cannot just look at the individual genetics, medical history and lifestyle of a patient under this new system.

Instead, the doctor will automatically classify the patient as Hispanic or black if they are Asian or black. “oppressed” It assumes that the patient’s illness is an inevitable consequence of having lived with racism for a lifetime. It doesn’t really matter if the patient is actually racist. It doesn’t matter whether the patient has made lifestyle changes (e.g., quitting smoking or drinking) to improve his health. The patient is an unfortunate victim of white supremacist structures. It’s like the victim in a tornado that had no control over it and couldn’t stop it from destroying her home. The patient is suffering from racism, which is like a tornado. There is little he can do to stay healthy. Only activists doctors can save him by slowly and laboriously changing society to the antiracist utopia that they envision. There are many factors that can impact people’s health, including environmental factors and other external events. Antiracist activism in medicine makes individuals victims and gives them no tools for keeping their health.

There are many factors that make it difficult for people to choose healthier lifestyles. Some neighborhoods, for example, don’t have access to quality health care. Healthy options at grocery storesIt makes it difficult for those who cannot afford or are unable to drive to be able to modify their diet. This is something doctors should consider when treating each patient. Doctors should not assume that a patient who is black cannot access better food. It would be, well…racist.

In reality, the woke version of activism in the medical field simplifies the complicated factors that impact a person’s health and blames all of them on the same root cause: white supremacy. This activism proudly denigrates equality and blames meritocracy for causing harm to patients. Ironic and depressing, as equality and meritocracy were two of the fundamental principles that made America a great country, especially for immigrant and minority communities.

It doesn’t solve any of the problems that are affecting patients’ lives. It won’t fix the problem of poor neighborhoods having no grocery stores. Doctors who truly care about solving problems in their communities would have more impact working with them individually. To solve the problem of food deserts, hospitals could approach other areas of town’s grocery stores and make arrangements for them to open new branches or deliver fresh produce to the underserved.

Doctors are there to help their patients. This does not require them to be social activists. They must take into consideration the individual needs and backgrounds of their patients, and not stereotyping them. “oppressed ” His skin tone is the only reason. They could also bring up a socioeconomic issue that is affecting patients to help them find solutions. This system does not allow for woke ideology. It should be thrown out like garbage and left to rot.

Emmie Lo, a writer and Latin teacher, currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Her personal blog is available at Follow her Twitter @ @teabooksgirl.

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“From Patients should be treated by doctors and hospitals, not social activism.

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