McConnell Claims U.S. Security Dependent on Ukraine’s Border Security

Senator Mitch McConnell, R-KY, claimed that the United States security depends on Ukraine’s security border from Russian invasion.

Speaking in Finland upon ending his taxpayer funded European tour, McConnell alleged the strongest nation on earth, the United States, is dependent on Ukraine, a non-NATO nation, for its security.

“As my fellow leading Republicans and I have explained, it is not an act of charity for the United States and our NATO allies to help supply the Ukrainian people’s self-defense,” McConnell said. “It is a direct investment in our own core national interests. America is a world power with worldwide interests. Our security and prosperity are deeply intertwined with a secure and stable Europe.”

The establishment lawmakers have allocated more than $110 million in taxpayer dollars to protect Ukraine’s borders, while the United States border patrol encountered approximately 2 million illegal migrants at the southern border during the fiscal year 2022.

McConnell, however, did not make mention of the southern border invasion. Instead, McConnell declared that money spent on Ukraine’s border would be spent miles from the U.S. “directly strengthen America’s own defense.”

“This means that a significant portion of the money Congress has appropriated is going directly to strengthen America’s own defense by replenishing our inventories with more modern versions of these older weapons we have transferred to Ukraine,” He claimed.

McConnell said that funding Ukraine’s invasion border was the right thing to take, noting peace. “road to peace lies in speedily surging Ukraine the tools they need to achieve victory as they define it”:

It’s not enough to do the right thing. We must do them at the right time. We must push the Biden administration and allies to take more decisive action to ensure that our collective aid to Ukraine as well as the investments made in our respective militaries, are done at the speed necessary to be relevant.

McConnell’s comments are made after the Biden administration. Imposition The State Department estimates that there are approximately 1,500 and 750 new sanctions and export controls for Russia.

Right, President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleskyy embrace as they bid farewell at the Memorial Wall of Fallen Defenders of Ukraine In Russian-Ukrainian War, with photos of fallen soldiers, in Kyiv (Ukraine), Monday, February 20, 2023. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP).

Critics Claim the measures, along with the inflaming rhetoric, has caused Russia’s conflict will escalate, preventing Russian President Vladimir Putin being able to take an off-ramp to bring an end to the conflict without affecting his domestic political standing.

“And we are going to announce more sanctions this week together with our partners,” Tuesday’s announcement by President Biden was made in Poland. “We will hold those accountable for those responsible for this war, and will seek justice for the war crimes and crimes against humanity continuing to be committed by the Russians.”

“Together we made sure Russia is paying the price for its abuses,” Biden said. “We continue to maintain the largest sanctions regime ever imposed on any country in history.”

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