McCarthy vows to give Jan. 6 footage to more outlets, defends Fox News coverage

HUse the Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), defended his decision to release Jan. 6, security footage to Fox News, and charged the House select committee Investigating the issue of dishonesty with the public.

McCarthy reiterated his previous defense and said that he granted access to the footage for transparency reasons. He is now preparing to grant additional access. Media outlets Access to the entire footage is also available.


“We will slowly roll out to every individual news agency. They can come see the tapes as well,” McCarthy spoke in an interview with Fox News. Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo “Let everyone see them to bring their own judgment.”

Tucker Carlon, Fox News’ host, publicly requested that McCarthy release all Jan. 6, footage and documents. McCarthy was elevated to the speakership and he granted Carlson’s team exclusive access to the entire trove of footage.

Carlson ran several segments about his findings. This raised questions about the condition of Brian Sicknick, a police officer, and whether officers escorted him. QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley at the Capitol

“My goal here is transparency,” McCarthy stressed. “The first thing I found is that the January 6 committee was not honest with us. That it’s not 14,000 hours of tapes, there’s 41,000 hours of tapes.”

A chorus of

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